Fourteen boys

Pip hosted a party for one of his friends who is leaving.

Fourteen boys aged fourteen came to my house.

Fourteen boys talked all at once – each trying to be louder than the others.

Fourteen boys played guitar hero in the lounge room.

Fourteen boys sang along – loudly – to the chorus of every song.

Fourteen boys ate pizza and chips and icecream and anything else they could find.

Fourteen boys played soccer in the backyard.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two parents said it didn’t matter.

Two parents knew it was only an accident.

Two parents are calling the glazier…


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22 responses to “Fourteen boys

  1. sussanah

    You were probably grateful for the fresh air coming in from the break. 14 boys, smmeeeeeelllly

  2. The break is in my bedroom. When I woke up this morning there was so much fresh air around me and my Pete had a mosquito bite.

    We are practically CAMPING! This will not do!

  3. No that is a form of camping I cannot approve of !! Even with the comfort of your own bed.

    Peppermint Patcher and Pete are very Patient Parents of Pip.

  4. Ooops! I admire your calm! Even I draw the line at fourteen boys!

  5. grandma

    Rumour has it that the boy who threw the alleged ball, was aiming it at another boy’s head – but missed. So, I guess your options were a glazier, or, a trip to Emergency. Probably made the right choice. And, rumour further has it, that Flying High was a major hit with all.

  6. You are 13 fourteen year olds braver than I.

  7. Laugh, laugh, laugh! And then even more laughing with the practically camping. What a nice Mum and Dad you are.

  8. Patience is a virtue! Good for you for having 14 loud boys and 14 rambunctious boys at your house! Sounds like they had a great time!

  9. Lisa

    Try to have them for a year and your house will be ruin by then – Peppermint Patcher will have other 364 days of feeling fresh air ( save airconditioner) …Your Pete also get 364 mosquito bites… Lucky only had them for a day to break a window or there will 364 days more to break something maybe your quilts?? Have fun

  10. And here we thought *I* was winning Mother Of The Year.

  11. twolimeleaves

    Good thing it isn’t June. Knowing you two you would have been looking for arctic weight sleeping bags…

  12. Ouch! Hey what were they doing in your bedroom … oh never mind I just realised it happened when they were playing soccer … a blonde moment.

  13. I think I got off lighter than you did with my 11 x 12 year old boys. At least nothing got broken…

  14. It’s so lovely to see boys having a great time altogether. I don’t think I could host a party for 14 boys at 14 years of age – they would take up too much room! Better that they are at your place than somewhere out on the streets partying!

  15. Oh my! That’s an awful lot of testosterone under one roof! Something had to give. Lucky thing none of the glass fell on any of the lads—then you’d have had your ER trip too. Glass is replaceable, memories aren’t!

  16. How many Pizzas did actually eat?
    With such fabulous parents no wonder the party was at your place.

  17. Oh lordy lordy lord!!! I am QUAKING in my boots!!! Jimmy turns 13 in less than 10 days time … but the thought of 13 (or 14) of his friends in the house at the same time, is giving me a turn!!

  18. Is it very wrong of me to admire the shape of the smash?

  19. h&b

    lol at Sussanah !!

    not so lol at mozzie bites.

    MC has already broken two windows ( and cracked a 3rd ) in his short-lived life. Boys..

  20. I think adult beverages are in order.

  21. Ouch. Fourteen boys are very lucky you were the parents in charge of the party …

    I think I’m going to have to go and lie down – fourteen little tiny girls wear me out, I can’t imagine the clearing up from fourteen tall boys!

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