Best in Show

This weekend we took ourselves to the Townsville Show.

We did a lap of the showgrounds, but we didn’t go on any of the rides or buy any of the show bags. The boys did get into the spirit and eat dagwood dogs for dinner.

Our reason for going was to visit the art gallery to see Pip’s painting hanging.

I am immensely proud to announce that he was awarded a highly commended in the open arts under 18 section.

Imagine that! Awarded for his first ever painting. The boy has some talent! I hope this gives him to incentive to continue. My Pete and I would love to see him pursue a creative life. This has been one of the good things about his surgery. He has had to slow down and it has given him the freedom to follow his interest in drawing and painting.

It would appear that it may well be a very rewarding pursuit…


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17 responses to “Best in Show

  1. Wow!! That is fantastic – well done to Pip. Hopefully this inspires him to do more and more – as you know, the more you do something the better one becomes.

    The Cairns show hits us in just over a fortnight. We’ve decided that I’ll take Monet on opening day as last year when we all went on ‘Show Day’ it was so busy you could hardly move. The only complaint Lyndon has made with this idea of the two girls going is that he’ll miss out on the yearly Dagwood Dog. Oh the sacrifices we make!!

  2. Wow congratulations to Pip – isn’t that fantastic. It really is an impressive first go. I hope he continues and gets a lot of pleasure out of it.

  3. Well done to Pip. What wonderful news!

  4. Congrats Pip! Very impressive outcome for your first painting! Hope this encourages you to do more!!

  5. Congratulations Pip!

  6. Before I read the rest of your post that was exactly what I thought – wow – his first painting!!! Congratulations Pip – I do hope like your mother that you keep it up!

  7. Nic Bridges

    Wow – well done Pip. It is a very good painting – interesting, dynamic composition and a real painterly quality to the image.

  8. Woot!

    (You know, I’ve got a soft spot for Pip – he’d fit in quite well over here.)

  9. Well done to your creative painter boy. Excellent achievement for his first painting.

    But he didn’t go on any rides? Is that because he was with the oldies and not with his mates, or because *whispers* he doesn’t like them?

  10. No, just because he is not allowed to do anything for six months post-surgery. Thankfully the show was five months after and we convinvced him that he should still be cautious. It’s an excuse that won’t work much longer…

  11. Well done Pip! Highly commendable for his first painting is excellent.

  12. Wow. I will echo the congratulations from blogland. Yay Pip!

  13. h&b

    Wow !

    I’ve always known those battered dogs to be Pluto Pups, ( or Corndogs, but that’s because of the US connection ).

    Congrats on the artwork – it looks fab. Will he pursue it ?
    ( art/painting, that it 😉

  14. ashyinfrance

    Mum it’s an excuse that wont work for much longer cause you now put it in writing. Don’t worry. I suspect that now he’s gotten praise for something he already is really interested and likes doing he will keep going. You’re doing a great job in motivating him. I know it’s really hard to do.

    Pip, the painting looks gorgeous. You look so happy next to your photo. Please part your hair to the side so you get an emo fringe. You can so do that look. You love a suspect meat wrapped in deep fried pastry.

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