Girly Goodness

The ever tasteful Kirsty provided me with some girly goodness to even out the excess of masculinity in my home.

A personalised card:

(although Kirsty should know that I would only ever drink diet coke while watching an exercise video!)

and some beautiful sherbet-y fabric.

I may just wear this fabric around the house to ward off boy germs.


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13 responses to “Girly Goodness

  1. She is a very good and true friend. With excellent taste in fabric.

  2. I have a rule to only ever lay down and sip diet coke while watching exercise videos! Even sitting can be too strenuous at times! Hey and you know that white stripe fabric it was Prince Charming not Freespirit … sorry! :p

  3. That fabric is so purty!. I think you should take the card’s advice and have beer, all Coke related products are evil.

  4. I have been the recipient of a similar card!
    And that fabric would look good however you decided to wear/use it…

  5. ashyinfrance

    Kirsty I have left my mother in good hands. I am very impressed by your fabric choices for her. Very pretty.

    You know I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink beer. I also found the fabric shops in Paris except for the rip off prices for tourists, so if you speak French to them they give you discounts. Better practise your French then.

  6. Oh yes, imagine the fabric you’ll be able to get your hand on in Paris!! *Melody rubs her hands together*

    What a lovely friend you have in Kirsty.

  7. Everybody knows that pink is the ultimate tool to ward off boy cooties! That lady on the card even looks like you. Exercise. Bah humbug.

  8. Lisa

    Boys even like pink too! We girls like blue! Are you still drinking TAB?

  9. grandma

    Ashy, did I just hear you volunteer to do all the shopping in France? Lucky you like shopping for fabric.

  10. Kate

    Gorgeous fabric. I used to go to a step class with a friend (ah, those were the days). After every single class we bought beer on the way home and would sit on my sofas and drink it when we got home. My mum always said the road to hell was paved with good intentions. ROFL

  11. The fabric is wonderful- perfect for getting rid of boy-germs.

  12. Those aren’t boy germs, they are kooties! Love the pink fabric, the advice and the refreshment suggestions!

  13. h&b

    I looked for Stomper’s comment you know .. I know of her aversion to the black liquid .. thus is mine own addiction I keep from her ( and is seriously rotting my teeth, I swear ! )

    I reckon Kirsty would be an ace girl-friend.
    And I love beer.

    Anything with bubbles really.
    Shall we talk about the teeth again ?

    How are yours ?

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