I like email.

Especially when they say this:

hi there,
Just letting you know that your Documents are ready to collect for your trip to Paris.

If you have any queries please let me know.

Fellow grammarians please let me know – is email the plural as well as the singular? I think it is…


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24 responses to “Email

  1. M

    First, let me get my jealousies out of the way… “how come everyone else gets to go to paris but not me…huh…hmmmmmmmm?”

    Okay, out of my system.

    I’m really happy for you. Really.

    Second, well I don’t rightly know about the plural email thing. I’ve always said “emails” but then we don’t say there’s a lot of mails in my letterbox do we? Could get rather confusing. All those mails/males.

  2. M

    Actually thinking about this, I often say “I’m off to check my email” and “do you get a lot of email?” – the question is do you say: “Do you get much email?” OR “Do you get many emails?”. That is the question.

    Ah, so fun to be a nerd.

  3. This was my problem too. It comes from mail and means electronic mail. We don’t say ‘I sent you a mail.’ but we do say ‘I sent you an email.’

    Mail is a collective, but email can be a single item…

  4. Leaving the grammar aside ….

    Excellent. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    And I knew you had made the linen in the crib!

  5. Yay!!!!! Lovely email!

  6. I have no answer on the grammar bit. M has confused me more than I was already confused.

    Yay on THAT email though! Paris and Ashy. It goes without saying that the Ashy part is the best part of that trip! Yay!

  7. Ooooh, Paris – you lucky lucky thing!

  8. My vote is for email in the singular, emails in the plural.

    I look forward to visiting France with you!

  9. BRILLIANT!!! I’m very excited for you because Paris is worth getting excited over!

  10. Hooray! I quite envy you and hope you have a lovely time in Paris.

  11. That’s great! Wonderful! Very exciting!

    Email is the plural of email.

    Love the big new printer!

  12. So happy for you to be going to Paris and be with your daughter! Yay!
    I think email can be emails in the plural. After all, if we say: ‘I got an email from Joe’, then the plural must be emails!
    However, I think there’s a place for email, singular, as a collective, as in: ‘I got so much email today.’

  13. Yay for the documents for Paris!

    But why, why, why torture me with this e-mail/e-mails question. There I was, happily meandering through life, never stopping to consider the plural of e-mail, and now.I’ All day long.


  14. I check my email and my emails. And my memails if Cherub is around. English. It’s so fluid.

    Also, I am joining M in the “everyone gets to go to Paris but me” whine-fest.

  15. twolimeleaves

    I would really hate you for this if I didn’t love you.

  16. ashyinfrance

    And leaving forty-five minutes before my birthday. Though possibly better if parentals weren’t there for my 18th.

    Like I’m putting forward any suggestion for the grammar sorry. I’m relearning it all now so I can understand French grammar.

    I’m having fun planning what you are to do while here. This is for putting up baby photos.

  17. grandma

    Ashy – slow down the ‘young’ celebration. We will still be there.

  18. I’d be excited to receive that email (singular!) too! I’ve never been to Paris…which is outrageous, as it would only take me a couple of hours now on the Eurostar!

  19. Who cares about the effing grammar, you are going to PARIS!!!!

  20. Ha ha! When I saw the title of this post I thought “But Tracey is too squeamish for frogs!”

  21. Ohh, la la! Drooling with envy, but wishing you Bon Voyage! Incidentally, when are you going? Rise is going on a walking holiday to France—SOON!

  22. Forget to mention what a gorgeous photo that is—-did you take it yourself??

  23. I agree with Molly – gorgeous pic there.

    I totally get your excitement too. I felt a similar emotion when I got the email to say my passport had been processed for our New Zealand trip in August. And then again when J said the trip was only 7 or so weeks away!

    I hope you have a brilliant time in Paris 😀

  24. wow, have fun in Paris!

    my vote is that “email” is both plural & singular, and that “emails” sounds stoopit. As do Email and E-mail, both of which remind me of those awful penny dreadfuls with the heroines who go on The Pill and drink Gin and Tonic and (as a result?) apparently develop either (depending how you view the dialogue) an inability to speak more than two consecutive words without a lengthy pause on the fainting couch, or the ability to speak in morse code.

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