Never Wake a Sleeping Baby

This was considered a rule when Ashleigh was first born.

I have not spoken to or had contact with Ashleigh for almost three weeks while she has been touring Europe. I know that she is back in France now. I know that she went partying with other exchange students until late last night, her final night of the bus trip. I know it is nine o’clock in the morning in France.

I am just about to text her so that she will have to wake up and talk to me. She may not be as delighted to hear from me as I will be to hear from her…

too bad!


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21 responses to “Never Wake a Sleeping Baby

  1. I may be in a lot of trouble for posting a baby photo too. Hell, in for a penny in for a pound…it can’t get worse.

  2. What a beautiful baby how could you not want to wake her especially now she is bigger and even more beautiful?

  3. grandma

    Beautiful baby and the first of how many in that cradle? It is still in use, too. Missing you, Ashy.

  4. twolimeleaves

    Wow, she was such a pretty baby!

  5. Pretty baby and gorgeous cradle too. Good luck waking your baby though. Speaking as a bad waker myself who is often not nice to loved ones who break my slumber, I am crossing my fingers that you get her at the right stage of the sleep cycle xxx

  6. M

    Waking a teenager at 9am!!!!! Man you’re brave.

    I can remember the days when I honestly truly thought that having to make it to a 10am lecture at uni was complete hell, and I only lived 5 mins from campus.

  7. 8>)

    If anyone’s entitled to wake her, you are!

  8. Wake her! Wake her! This is payback for all the times she woke you during the middle of the night during childhood/adolescence!

  9. I’m with Maureen!!!

  10. Me too 🙂 I would kill to sleep until 9.00 AM these days, just once.

  11. Oh, such a pretty baby! I’ve been telling mine today what they were like as babies and how I used to pace the floor with them. They found it hilarious.

    So I vote, TEXT HER! Abso-flippin-lutely. Not that you needed my permission or anything 😉

  12. grandma

    And wasn’t this the start of the YFA wars? It’s still raging today!

  13. All together now… awwwww…

    And how adorable is the cradle too!

  14. I hate to tell you people, but she was the perfect baby. She slept through the night from three weeks of age. She put herself to sleep every night. We woke her in the morning when we were ready and on the week ends she slept til 9am.

    She sucked us right in. Made us think parenting was easy…so we had another one…and he NEVER slept.

  15. Wow – just read about the gorgeous baby’s gorgeous sleeping habits – how wonderful. As is the cradle. As is the linen in the cradle.

    I trust you reached your sleeping teenager!

  16. I agree – never wake a sleeping baby!!! But anywhere after 5 years old – wake them all you need if it to your advantage…..or their own good!!!

  17. Ahhh, the joys of peer pressure!

    I can’t believe how well she slept as a baby. I never had that experience with either K or N! At least one of yours permitted you to sleep! I can understand your reluctance to wake her! You don’t feel the need to be as vengeful as me!

  18. Our two were the opposite. J.T. didn’t sleep all night until he was 18 months old. Abby slept all night from 6 weeks on.

    I hope you’ve woken her by now! Three weeks is an eternity!! She’s lucky you waited until 9 a.m.

  19. So? Did you wake her? Was she happy?

  20. ashyinfrance

    I slept through the text. I needed the sleep after not sleeping for three weeks. Eurotrip.

    Far out woman. Stop baby photoing me. And then bragging about that you baby photoed me.

    Grandma, sorry I haven’t been posting or emailing or contacting. I only just got home and I’m going through my list of things I need to catch up on now. Emailing is coming soon as soon as I finish all of the Rotary things and getting back to mum. I’ll send through the plans I’ve made for when mum and dad gets here and let me know if you want in.

  21. h&b

    oh MY at that gorgeous picture !
    ( you mean they grow up to be grumpy-head ogres ? sigh )

    When will children learn not to have their own mind and to simply be mummy’s putty ?

    I wish.

    well, not really … 🙂

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