Sleep Well?

A conversation you don’t really want to have:

My Pete: Man, I just saw the biggest huntsman ever!

Me: Did you get it?

My Pete: I think I managed to spray it.

Me: Well, where is it now?

My Pete: I don’t know. It disappeared into our bedroom.

Note: the spider in this picture is not a huntsman. I think it is an orb spider. I took the photo near Innisfail. This spider was bigger than my hand, but thankfully its web was high up in the trees and not in my bedroom!


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23 responses to “Sleep Well?

  1. Lisa

    Will you have the nightmares..knowing the huntman is somewhere in your bedroom..imaging it might jump on you while you sleep..enjoy your dreams

  2. This is where I refuse to re-enter my bedroom until I have have abody count. I need to see the dead before I beleive. Seriously – and i have done it. I am a complete arachnaphobe.

  3. This is Scotland and we have only smallish spiders, but last summer, on holiday, there was a big (by our standards) spider on the bedroom ceiling when we went to sleep. Then in the middle of the night, something fell on my face and I woke up and brushed it away and then put on the light and there it was on the floor. Lovely.

    You are such a talented family – painting and quilt.

  4. M

    Huntsman spiders were a regular feature of my childhood bedroom. I could either be terrified or make friends with them. I chose the second route and called all Huntsman visitors to my room “Joey Spider”.

    My husband, however, is a girly cry-baby when it comes to Huntsmans. In Syd-en-ey we have loads of spiders and the kids rush to our upstairs window each morning to watch Firegazer navigate his way through the spiders to our garage each morning shouting “aaah, urgh, get away!”.

  5. A shoe. Next time, tell him to use a big bloke’s boot to smash it to death. Fly spray is chancy unless followed up by a hefty whack with a shoe.

  6. Eeek.

    I love Stomper’s comment. Of course, she would say that, because she’s called Stomper.

    In our household, I have the job of disposing of spiders. I can’t bear the squashing thing, so I always take them outside. This morning my son got upset because I took some hairy thing with giant eyes to the great outdoors. “My spider!” he screamed. “Gime back my spider!”

    Sigh. Fifteen more years until college.

  7. The comments are particularly funny today! laughing at the image of firegazer fighting his way through the spiderwebs.

    I too would have insisted on evidence of spider death.

  8. I’m with Alice. I refuse to sleep in a room where there are living creatures (besides Lyndon of course!) I even refuse to be in the house if I know there is a gecko around.

    I dread it when I stay at my parents. The huntsman spiders down that way wear gumboots. No kidding. They are HUGE.


  9. twolimeleaves

    I hate Huntsman spiders. They bite. I know that for a fact because my brother in law was bitten while carrying one outside for me. Oh yeah, did I also mention that we do NOT kill spiders at our house? They are important! And special. And hairy. And stuff.

  10. Of all the spiders we have here in Australia, Huntsman are the ones I fear the most.

    They are so big, hairy and fast. They give me the utter, utter, UTTER, creeps.

    As soon as I saw the word Huntsman in your blog, I felt nauseous.

    I cannot BELIEVE, therefore, that you posted a photo, I walked straight into it, and there was NO WARNING IN THE HEADING!

    I thought I had taught you better, really I did.

    I need to go and lie down for a while…

  11. rhubarbwhine

    Melody, I like you and I am coming over to your house to play. It will be safe there.

    I have been known to kill huntsmans with oven cleaner (ozone layer? What ozone layer?). It’s particularly effective and you can see where they die.

  12. I think it’s safe to say that Aunty Evil won’t be visiting you at home anytime soon. Neither will I. You might find me at Sussanah’s, confiscating her keyboard so I can DESTROY THE COMMA KEY!

  13. Eeeeeeeeek. And again eeeeeeeek.

    I would not be able to sleep until that thing was FOUND and REMOVED!

  14. I’m with Alice, Stomper and Dottycookie there.

    Spiders… brrrr….

  15. Well I just walked smack into a load of controversy. I didn’t know what a huntsman is and, considering Petey’s affinity for action movies, figured it was some kind of Australian equivalent to cops and robbers and then I looked at the Wikipedia link and read the comments. EEEEK! Susannah, quick, hide, your, keyboard!

  16. I once found one under the chest of drawers in the spare room, only it wasn’t running free, my eldest was keeping it as a pet in a Chinese Takeaway packet. He had hidden it because he knew I didn’t like spiders. Now he has a tarantula!

  17. What a beautiful photo! I love how you can see all the intricate weaving that went into the spinning of that web…..Spiders are fascinating creatures, but I, too, would draw the line at welcoming a Huntsman into the bedroom!

  18. I have been so traumatised by a gangly-legged huntsman (in the dark, noise on pillow near my face) that I cannot write further.

  19. I am with Tanya, & I take them outside to let them free.
    I never knew they would bite, but I suppose any creature would it if could.

    Hope your sleep resumes.

  20. Please write something new.


    I won’t visit anymore until you do.

    I am now also severely traumatised by Lesley’s sort of story. I know what happened. I do. It’s been in my nightmares all my life…

  21. My DH brags to his mates about how he managed to only get up once at night when the twins were babies. It was at 3am to kill a huntsman!!!!!!!

  22. h&b

    I *hope* he was shit-stirring !!

    arghhhh 😦

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