knock knock

who’s there?


narnia who?

narnia business…

The boys went off to see the new Narnia movie. I did not go. I have decided that I am against all sword movies. There seems to be a proliferation of sword fights on a grand scale in movies. Frankly, I blame Lord of the Rings. Since that first movie there are so many involving crowds of people with swords held aloft, running toward each other making a noise somewhere between a scream and a grunt. I find it incredibly repetitive and boring.

So they went, I stayed home and made four-patches…

and shiny silver star appliques…

and listened to beautiful music.

Not a bad way to spend the evening, actually…


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17 responses to “Narnia

  1. rhubarbwhine

    I have similar thoughts toward sword movies. Well, blood and gore and stabbing and beheading and graphic ickiness altogether, actually.

    So hard to escape them, these days.

  2. Narnia? I’m so out it! Sword fights are so few in the few movies I watch! Your idea of staying at home & quilting sounded splendid to me too!

  3. M

    I’d quite like to go and see Narnia but I don’t want the kids to see it (on account of all the swords) so I’m going to have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

  4. h&b

    Not my scene either, even though I did read all the books when I was about 9yrs old – Prince Caspian I thought was ‘the dud’ of the series.

    I managed only one filum on the plane, so made sure I chose carefully.
    Juno. Finally. Yay.


  5. Prince Capsicum as my boys are calling it – I too am not at all interested.

    Love that album – love it – thanks again for the reminder a couple of weeks ago.

  6. YES!! So agree about boring/vaguely disturbing swordfights. I can never work out what’s going on half the time.

    I remember watching Gladiator when I was pregnant with the Climber and I mentally apologised to my little foetus afterwards – the adrenalin rush I had from the violence meant the poor little thing was jumping around in my womb like he’d been electrocuted.

    Your patches are lovely.

  7. In the UK there is a real problem with knife crime among teenagers so I was repelled to see that the teenage ‘hero’ in Indiana Jones had a flick knife. It seems an exceptionally stupid choice for a role model for a whole generation of pre-teens.

  8. A much nicer way to spend the evening indeed!!

  9. Ali

    Mark’s going to love that joke. I don’t know if I should thank you or curse you!

  10. After having raised two girls I was unprepared for this boy…From the time he could pick up a stick all things became swords! Now at age 11 he still turns various items into swords. From the wooden spoons while helping me with cooking to the ever present sticks. Sigh. It must be a ‘guy’ thing.

  11. The sometimes Bliss of solitude!

  12. I agree with what H&B said – I read all the books when I was about 9 too and thought that Prince Caspian was the ‘dud’ one also…

    Too many sword fighting movies being made – too many ‘fantasy’, though if they ever make Zelda into a movie I’ll be there!!! Swords and all.

  13. I just love LOTR, but am sick to death of all other swords. Unfortunately, No2, has an imaginary one in his hand alot of the time and is quite fluent in sword-like noises as he flings his arm all over the place.
    Your evening looks much more like it…

  14. Given the choice of doing what you did and swordfights [yawn] I’d make the same choice you did….Much more satisfying!

  15. I call them ‘battle and trudge’ movies. A group of odd beings usually wearing some form of animal skins trudges along, meets some other group of odd beings. Battle, battle, battle…fight, fight, fight. Then we’re back to trudging again. Now repeat (at least two more times, sometimes more).

  16. Why have I missed these posts? Am I blonder than I first appear??? Must say I do like these movies but if I had to choose … fabric would win hands down everytime!

  17. ashyinfrance

    I like LOTR. It’s not the sword fighting, that just makes men feel manly, it’s the story. It shows how one tiny hobbit changes the world for good because it is the right thing to do.

    I want to see Narnia but the Prince’s French voice kinda sounds like a girl. So I would be laughing at inappropriate moments whenever he spoke.

    Josh Pyke is beautiful.

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