Artist of Precision

Today Pip went off to art to finish his masterpiece. This is his first ever painting.

It had to be finished today so that it could be entered into the local show competition.

He works incredibly slowly. Imagine the slowest person you know and slow them down by half and you’ll have the idea. My Pete and I are not speedy people. We work at a pace that would frustrate a multitude of people, but even my Pete wanted Pip to hurry up.

Pip can’t be sped up though. He’ll be finished when he’s ready.


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24 responses to “Artist of Precision

  1. Hooray for Pip! Looking good.

  2. Painting looks fabulous!! Love the long hair too!

  3. M

    Well done, painting looks great.

    I think there’s a real art to taking your time. I cannot take my time. I am speedy speedy speedy. I am also susceptible to being hurried up. Much to my disadvantage I think.

    I even type speedy. Finished this piece in a nano second. Must rush. Bye.

  4. It was worth the wait, Pip.
    Don’t let those oldsters hassle you.

  5. Great painting. Oh you made me laugh with the description of his slowness though.

  6. Well done Pip – that is so good for a first painting.

    Is is the heat that makes you northerners slower?

  7. Maybe you have something there Mary. If we go at more than a snail’s pace we’ll raise a sweat. Although I’m quite certain that we are slow compared to other northerners…

  8. He’ll go far that boy.

    At least he (& you & Pete) finish projects. Even if you are slow. I tend to start projects and not finish them… (I think I have a cross-stitch I stated in 1992 that needs finishing. True.)

  9. grandad

    How could anyone who took 2 days to paint a wall call anyone else slow?

  10. I wish I had the time to be slow! It’s a wonderful painting.

  11. grandma

    A talent worth nourishing. However, I have a question. Does this mean that you will have to go to the show to see it on the wall?

  12. Well done Pip!

    ( I recognize that hair phase quite well)

  13. Oh, what a great painting. Will Pip let you have it?
    More power to artistic, clever sons who take their time to get somewhere!

  14. Great painting! If this is the first one, I can only imagine the outcome of the next one! Keep painting, Pip!

  15. Sue

    Great painting Pip. I was scrolling through the blog as it’s been a while and I found the photo for the painting. It looks fantastic.

  16. Peta

    I can’t imagine Van Gough’s mother telling him to “Hurry up with those sunflowers love”. Mind you maybe he would still have had his ears had his mother taken a little more interest in his art. Who’s to know? Rushed art is my art and my art is crap. Take as long as you need Pip – Percy and Thomas surely appreciate the care and attention to every hair.

  17. Well done Pip! You’ve done a great job!

  18. Pip’s done good.

    (I saw your comment at Stomper’s!)

  19. can’t hurry genius…

  20. Good for Pip!

    In a few years, perhaps we should get Pip and my Taller Small together because she has to be the slowest worker ever. Partly it’s that she is careful, partly she is easily distractible but either way it is torture to write cards and letters with her at the moment!

  21. You can’t rush genius. And I have great hair envy now. Why won’t mine do that?

  22. Hello
    My son is just like that too! He even underwent tests when he was little to see if he had dispraxia or something. Each test came out the same speed exactly, to the second. He gets things done. In his own time. He is also one of the most laid back people alive (i’m sure!) .. Your Pip’s pic is really really good too.

  23. ashyinfrance

    As if you could go slower than mum or dad Pip-skip. It’s a very good painting bub. You have paid attention to all the layers and shading. Force the parentals to go see it. Make it into a big night where they’re forced to go to dinner and such.

    Grandad it’s because he painted the wall with an artist brush. And only he was allowed to paint the wall with the artist brush.

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