We Went Walking

My Pete and I went for a walk.

While we were gone Pip noticed that the sunset was making the most amazing colour in the backyard tree.

He hurried to get the tripod to take a better shot, but when he returned the sunlight had shifted and the colour was gone.

He has the eye of an artist and the wonder of a child. Man, I love that!


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14 responses to “We Went Walking

  1. M

    I like the movement in the sunset shot.

    Do you have matching trainers? Hmm?. I also notice you have a lovely pandora.

  2. So sweet to see a couple holding hands and walking, still enjoying each other’s company. What a great example you are for your children!

  3. lovely lovely lovely.

  4. Awwww, you crazy kids!

    Pip has so much talent!! I can’t wait to see the choices he makes in life regarding that talent.

  5. I need to point out that I bought the joggers first and my Pete is a dirty copy cat! (and I do have a lovely Pandora bracelet…)

  6. Crap! It turned my bracket into a smiley when I wasn’t looking.

  7. How sweet.

    We had an amazing Sunset on Monday night. The sky was reflecting pink in the clouds (love that!) and I rushed indoors, collected the camera and got some great shots. In a matter of minutes the sky had turned grey. You have to be quick!

  8. I noticed the Pandora too! Didn’t notice the matching trainers…what does that say about me?

    If I ever find one of my girls rushing for the tripod to take a photo of a passing moment of light, I shall be a happy woman.

    (And bugger those close bracket smilies…I’ve unintentionally thrown a few around the place too!)

  9. I like the blur and the colour in the shot he took. Tres arty.

  10. A very beautiful post…

  11. I just love the matching runners! Also pleased it wasn’t only me who noticed this. Very cute post Tracey. Also with a shot like that perhaps he needs to use the timer and the tripod … 🙂 I’m sure the lighting was good though!

  12. Boy wonder.
    Nice pic of the hands too.

  13. ashyinfrance

    EEeeewwwww. Gross.

    Stab the smiley with a fork in its eye.

    🙂 3-

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