Modern Medicine

In the middle of the night I heard an odd sound in my bathroom, right beside our bedroom. I sat up to have a look. Too dark.

“Is that you, Pip?” I asked


“What are you doing?”

“Gargling, my throat is really sore.”

I really didn’t get back to sleep after that.

Pip has a chest infection. His new chest is just four months old and exhausted from coughing. It’s nothing serious, but we went off to the doctors today to get some anti-biotics before it becomes too much for him. Poor baby…


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21 responses to “Modern Medicine

  1. Sorry about his chest, but my favorite picture ever is Pip drawing a picture on the internet (everyone else justs goes SO. but him drawing a picture with a pencil like object really goes it for me) get better soon.

  2. Oh get better soon Pip. A few pyjama days are in order I think.

  3. Sending ‘get better’ wishes to pip. And lots of them.

  4. Poor lad. Does the new chest make him more vulnerable to infections or is it that they have more impact physically on him now?

  5. He’s just started out with a cold that has made its way to his chest. This is not uncommon for him at thise time of year. We are just being very cautious because his chest is still healing and changing.

  6. grandma

    His new chest has had a work out this week, hasn’t it. Firstly, a car rear ends us, then the chest infection. It’s very hard on his mother as well as Pip. But – why did he have to use your bathroom to gargle? Was his own out of service? Or, was it just to wake you up?

  7. Oh, dear. I do wish life wouldn’t dole out one problem after another. Wishing you both the best –

  8. Hiya! Just had to go back and work out what your son has been through so I could understand this post.
    OMG! the poor lad … and you, too.
    Really hoping he has a speedy recovery from this bug and continues to gain strength.
    Much love from over here!

  9. Poor Pip! I hope you and Grandma baby him to no end. He deserves it. Tell him I will send some good jokes his way.

  10. Here’s wishing Pip a speedy recovery and Mum a good night’s sleep.
    (Oh dear – I am having an attack of apostrophe anxiety.)

  11. Get well soon Pip – that sounds like no fun at all.

  12. Hope Pip gets well soon. Its been a little cool here during the day (& at night especially) How about Townsie? Because of this weather, I order a weekend of lying in pjs for Pip.

  13. Jeez the lad has had a tough winter/spring (which would be summer/autumn for you). Hope he’s better soon!

  14. Makes sense to care for that chest!! It must surely be painful for him to cough.
    Get Well Soon!!

  15. Hope he is feeling better soon! Yes he is a poor baby after all he has been through.

  16. kirsty

    Get well, Pip. Would hate for you to cough until your steel bar sproinged! (it isn’t made out of that sproingy clock wire kind of stuff is it?)

  17. He must be feeling a bit better by now, I hope. Has it only been 4 months? Things weren’t so good for us at that time too and when I realise that only that much time has passed I am amazed. It feels like a lifetime.

  18. Poor bugger.

    Has it really been 4 months already?

  19. Gosh. Get well soon Pip. Nothing worse than a cough and a tender chest.

  20. Sue

    I hope Pip’s chest is all better. I had a chest infection last month and it still hurts to sneeze. My poor ribs are still sore from so much coughing.

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