Do you want to know what annoys me?

People who don’t do their jobs properly.

People who moan and groan about how difficult it is for them.

People who do half a job.

I can’t stand those people. So I go in and organise stuff and fix stuff and put stuff into place.

THEN… those people I can’t stand, those lazy moaners, do even less and expect me to do even more and have the audacity to blame me when it’s not working out.

I’m an idiot!


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19 responses to “Do you want to know what annoys me?

  1. Oh dear, I hate those people too.. I work in a ‘leave it to Alice’ place because they know I get sick of the mess and pick it up. Well, now, I pick it up, sure, and then I take it and I calmly chuck it in the bin. They are just starting to cotton on…

  2. You are a saint to put up with these people.

    (Is your blog a secret from people whose arses you’ve been covering?)

  3. Lisa

    Oh you poor thing…it sounds like other around like you are moan and groan about them too…I dont like it too but they are only human but you love them anyway…just be happy as life is short here..keep smiling ciao

  4. The time they spent groaning and moaning could be spent more productively. I’m sure they’d realize it if you pointed it out.

    My parents always told me (and I now tell my children): “It’s easier to do it right the first time than it is to do it wrong and then have to fix it.” My sister and I just had a discussion about this culture of slackness. When did it become ridiculous to expect people to do not good, but at a minimum adequate work?

  5. No, not an idiot, just conscientious.

  6. I don’t think you’re an idiot.

    But you are nice.

    And maybe have a touch of “sucker” thrown in for good measure.

    But I’m with you, I hate moaners and lazy arses.

  7. Right with you on this one Tracey…

  8. Peta

    Stop doing a good job. When she complains say, Oh was I supposed to do your part too?? OK so easier said than done. We can all dream of one day being serious ass kickers.

  9. grandma

    Add those who, when volunteers are called, just sit there. I can’t stand it when someone asks for a volunteer and NO ONE answers – so it ends up being me every time.

  10. grandma

    Oh no, I still have 4 legs, handles for ears and a long tongue.

  11. Lisa

    Yeah grandma it looks cute on you anyway

  12. The trouble is – that sort of attitude is infectious – you only need one moaning Minnie and before long it becomes the prevailing attitude. A good attitude is also infectious so you have to do what you can,

  13. M

    I’m usually the sucker that picks up all the pieces and then the lazy one gets applauded for his/her work.

  14. M

    Oh, and I’m just like Grandma too. Right with you Grandma!

  15. I work with a whole bunch of Moaning Myrtles (M’n’M’s, as I call them). I just know my smile gets on their nerves! I overheard one of them saying a while back ‘oh, she’ll do it, she doesn’t care what she does’. Too right I don’t care if it’s for the good of the children in our care…

  16. You sound like you’re very unfortunate in your workmates. Mine have their flaws, some of them, but not those you mention.

    I myself am perfect, of course.

  17. yeah, but you did a bloody nice job on Kirsty’s quilt!!!!! 🙂

  18. If you want to get something done, ask a busy person to do it.

    Some people seem to have an endless capacity to take on jobs and do them well, while others struggle with a few basic tasks. Why is that?

  19. I’m with you on this one wholeheartedly! ONe day you’ll learn to leave them too it.

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