Toasty Mornings

This week, as the first hint of winter arrived, it has been fresh enough in the mornings for me to get my heater out of the cupboard. I only use it when I get out of the shower for those few minutes until I can be warm in my clothes.

My Pete looked at my heater and noticed some fluff and dust caught up in the back of it.

“You can’t use it like that”, he said in concern. “It is a fire hazard.”

My Pete took my heater to clean it.

My Pete used a screw driver and a knife to pull the heater into pieces, in order to clean those hard to reach areas.


My Pete had to buy me a new heater…


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21 responses to “Toasty Mornings

  1. It has been rather ‘brisk’ in the mornings hasn’t it? *shiver* (How I will ever survive another Melbourne winter is ‘beyond’ me!)

    You should have just piffed the old heater in the bin straight away and bought a newie, but *I know*, the man of the house had to give it a once over…

  2. Peta

    By “fresh” read 19 deg celcius. Don’t compare it to a Melbourne winter. This is woos girl Tracey. Bring on no leg shaving weather!!

  3. It was 14 one morning this week…

  4. kirsty

    *choke* 14 ? ?
    No wonder you nearly died of frostbite in Rotorua.

  5. ashyinfrance

    14 degrees and I’m in a singlet here. Even the AC is always on 27 degrees. There is no cold allowed in the house.

  6. I would put on the bathroom heater for a 14 degree morning. Because I am a snake.

    And I asked Fixit to have a look at my hand-mixer late last year because it was slowing down. So he did and we had to buy a whole new unit, those small appliances do not like to be opened up.

  7. M

    Yep, never try to fix, clean or shake a heater. Tempermental things.

  8. I aam frog, I am ‘cold’ anything below 21. I have had the log fire burning for 3 weeks now.

    Your Pete sounds like a love. And related to Tim The Toolman, Just like the male in this house.

  9. Hi, popped over from magpiefiles, she says we should talk quilting…

    this story made me laugh… my husband is exactly like that too!!!

  10. Doesn’t it seem like people used to be able to fix things? I think things are built to be replaced nowadays –
    I’m 97 today.

  11. sound familiar 🙂
    Lisa x

  12. Lisa

    Cold in T’ville?? Cant be…you must be dreaming. No need heater up in there… all you do is running around to heat your body up…It is free

  13. My mother-in-law and her sister once took apart their mother’s new electric iron to see how it worked. Needless to say it, like Humpty Dumpty, could not be put back together again. Their mother was not amused OR impressed with their intellectual curiosity.

  14. Fixed it~! Sure way to get a new anything is to tell the hubby it needs to be fixed…LOL

  15. We are expecting – 2 degrees C tonight. I am really annoyed as there’s the risk of frost killing my newly planted spring annuals. Am quite tempted to go outside and let my car run in a desparate attempt to hasten global warming. The cashier at the landscaping store promised that we’d have no frost if I purchased and planted my annuals so I did. I think I’ll dig up my dead plants tomorrow and return them to the store.

  16. Your Pete sounds a lot like my husband. One time he ‘fixed’ my hairdryer and managed to make it suck instead of blow. And smell of burning hair – eeeeew.

    Did you know your heater has a face? It is a very friendly looking one.

  17. Best way to get a new appliance- tell the male it needs repair.

    I think they deliberately make them so that they can’t be cleaned.

  18. Didn’t he use a cotton bud?

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