Kids in the Kitchen

Today two of Ashleigh’s very good friends came over to cook dinner for us.

They must be worried that we are not eating correctly wihtout our resident chef. My daughter cooked at least three nights a week for the past couple of years.

The media in Australia is often so negative about young adults. I really hate that as adults we forget what it was like to be a teen and  sit in judgement. I abhor any sentence that begins or ends with the words ‘kids these days…’ Kids are a reflection of the adults in their lives and the direction, love and support given to them.

Don’t you love teenagers? They really are great people.


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25 responses to “Kids in the Kitchen

  1. M

    Actually I’m terrified of teenagers because I remember what I was like when I was one…

    Mind you I met a couple of Year 12 girls yesterday who told me how they like to keep the Year 10 girls in line because “you know how up themselves 16 yos can be”. I was heartened to think that by 17 or 18 these girls had not only outgrown that phase but could look back and laugh at it.

  2. What a really nice thing for them to do. Ashliegh is lucky to have such good friends and so too are you that she obviously is surrounded by great friends and good kids to boot! Unfortunately they can’t all be good, just as adults are also not all good.

  3. What a great pair of gals. There’s a funny, funny song in the musical Bye Bye Birdie (called “Kids!”) which is full of moans about the kids today. You can just hear that parents have been doing it for every generation that comes after them since time began. When I played it in front of the Climber he got very indignant on behalf of all kids and prepared to defend them strenuously till I explained it was a sort-of joke

  4. That was not supposed to be a stupid emoticon! That was supposed to be a close brackets. Just so you know.

  5. I was talking to a colleague who has two children aged 6 and 4 and explaining what wonderful company teenagers are – how you get infected by their enthusiasm for life and their tremendous energy.

    He was very surprised and said that it was the first time he had ever heard a parent saying good things about their teenagers. How sad is that?

  6. Goodness. Our kids have great friends but none of them have ever offered to cook for us in our own kitchen. Hmm. You must be either saintly, very thin or terrible cooks.

  7. People have been moaning about “kids these days” ever since they first crawled out of the caves.

    Sweet of Ashleigh’s friends to look in on you. She’s probably concerned that you’re starving to death without her.

  8. How lovely that Ashleigh’s friends want to spend time with you even though she isn’t there.

  9. That is just the nicest thing.
    I actually don’t mind teenagers – in fact, I may like them more than toddlers.

  10. What lovely people, age irrespective.

    I think the whole concept of teens scare people. Especially those who have ‘control’ issues. (As opposed to getting to know their kids)

  11. My monter icon – are they my hips or my cheeks? egads!

  12. I’d like to think some of my daughters friends would come over to cook for us in a few years time – but as she seems to be the only one of her friends who ever does any cooking, I suspect it will her her going over to her friends’ parents…

  13. What a great thing for all of you to do for each other! It’s always so refreshing to read of positive attributes of teenagers!

  14. I think young people live up to our expections of them. Some older folks seem to think that because they’re young they don’t deserve the same respect as grown-ups. I always know it’s time for me to leave when I’m visiting the Ancients and they start singing that negative song, the opening lines of which are “Young people today……blah, blah, blah.” Your daughters’ friends sound great. Your country will be in good hands when you are gone!

  15. Some good friends where we used to live had the two most wonderful teenagers – they were fabulous!! At the time our kids were so little and I used to often ask “What did you do that resulted in such fabulous teenagers?” – they couldn’t really answer though I know they loved, supported and gave them direction – all that you have said!

  16. Oh, I’m sooooo hungry….any leftovers? I’m sure your daughter’s friends knew they would be welcomed and truly appreciated by you.

  17. I like them more when they come bearing, and willing to use, cooking utensils. You are so right about the adult influences. I actually think the tweens are harder to get along with…. hormones and the not a kid, not a teen, not sure thing. Nothing to do with their personalities, just that weird hormonal state.

  18. Those two sound like absolute stars. I don’t know (m)any teenagers but I’m sure you’re right about them reflecting the adults around them – my small people do that already!

  19. So true! My teenage kids were just great.

  20. soozadoo

    Hey! It’s not just cooking that’s missing without Miss A. They’re is babysitting too, can they look after my kids Saturday night?

  21. So, so sweet. Almost makes me want a few of my own! It wouldn’t even matter how good the food was – the sentiment would be all the flavour you need.

  22. grandma

    One of the hardest parts of your kids growing up and leaving home is – you lose their friends, too. We lived very close to the uni, had a pool, television, video, freezer with icecream, and so had a house full of kids – until the girls got married and left home. Then suddenly, we had none. The nicest part of Alanna and (I can’t see the other friend) cooking your dinner is that they were at your house to do it.

  23. It’s Rachel – lover of animals, hater of punctuation

  24. How lovely that they come to your house to see YOU! You guys must be so special that they don’t feel weird spending time with you even though Ashy is not there.

    You have a lovely big kitchen.

    Shayne xxx

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