On Display

Today my Pete and I went to wander around a street of display homes. We quite like to do this. We have no intention of moving or building or even renovating. We just like to see what is out there. What colours are trendy, which materials are being used and how, which new products are emerging. My Pete likes to knock on the walls and tiles to see their construction. He notices the details of the skirting boards and corners. He checks out how the windows are shaded and the lighting is mounted.

Builders put their best on show in these villages. The doorway to every house is cleverly positioned so that you have to walk past the salesperson in order to have a look around. I use the eye contact, quick nod and head down method to get past. My Pete, however, always stops to engage them in conversation. He asks questions about the design and how it could be altered. Why rooms are positioned as they are. How many square metres the house covers. Which are the fetures that make the designer most proud. He never once lets on that he is an architect. He lets them prattle away, like he is just an ordinary guy off the street. He is always interested in what they have to say. He brings home armsfuls of plans and layouts. Every now and again he sees something that amazes him, something that he files away in his mind.

Today we mostly saw beige. Beige and brown and blah. It will be nice when people like colour again. Look how magnificent the sky was today, then look at the houses. It’s a little bland.

It was still a very nice way to spend an afternoon.


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11 responses to “On Display

  1. My mum used to like doing this – only they went one further and didn’t just look at new houses. She always said that well, she might one day find a house she liked enough to move to. And in fact, one day, they did.

    I must say, that picture couldn’t be more different from the view of most streets in the UK!

  2. ashyinfrance

    I always felt so bad when you and dad would just stop at a house being built and would just walk through it. I never got out of the car when you two did that.

    And then the time when you were going through someones house that was being built and the owners turned up. And dad just went through and asked them a bunch of questions and had a nice little talk.

    There was a reason I always took a book in the car. We would always just be taking a detour down this new street and then stay there for the afternoon.

    I’m glad that it looks like the orange corrogated steel phase is over. That is an ugly house next to the beach house.

  3. I love looking at houses.
    Your Pete sounds like a good guy. (This is one of my highest compliments.)

  4. I am glad to live in an old area of the city where houses were built prior to 1950 and range as old in age as early 1900s. No beige homes here but lots of character! And demolition. And renovations. And…

  5. I would like to wander around houses with you guys one day!

  6. I love a good wander through those display homes, as it makes me realise even more that I want to live in an old house and do it up ourselves… (having a qualified carpenter as a husband will come in handy one day.)

  7. I love looking at new houses, & criticising all the ‘off’ bits.

  8. My kitchen is fireweed red. I like color.

    It’s something people in a small town do, tour houses as they are being built. I think I have been in most of the in-progress homes built in our town during my lifetime. People actually invite you to show you where the bathrooms will be going, how large the master bedroom is and to explain their ideas for landscaping, etc. Can you tell we had no movie theater?

  9. M

    Yeah, beige. Bleh. And I bet they all have home theatres and a laundry shoved into a cupboard.

    Oooh Melinda I love a red kitchen. I went to a house with a red kitchen the other day and it looked amazing. My kitchen is wallpapered in BEIGE patent leather (true, good story in that one).

  10. You’re teasing me with that sky aren’t you? Evil girl!

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