Out of this World

Chelsea singing:

My mum, your mum live down the street,

18-19 Marble Street.

Every night they have a fight

and this what they say all night.

“Girls are sexy made out of pepsi,

boys are rotten made out of cotton.

Girls go to Mars to get more bras,

boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.”

Pip, mumbling to himself in the background:

Yeah well, at least we don’t go to Venus…

Makes a mother so proud.


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15 responses to “Out of this World

  1. Fantastic!!! That will make me smile all day.

  2. Peta

    She looks and sounds like a brat. I’m glad it wasn’t Uranus either.

  3. Love it! My crazy Aussie class teacher has just brought her hula-hoop into school and I have to suffer it whizzing round at all times! I will teach her this song – love the bit about Jupiter!

  4. twolimeleaves

    Peta, that girl of yours couldn’t look like a brat if she tried – pure angel. Pip, on the other hand… made me laugh as usual.

  5. What a great little post!

  6. Girls made out of Pepsi would have rotted blackened teeth and a painful hole in their stomach lining, not really very sexy. But I love Pip’s response and I quite like the Jupiter/stupider thing too.

  7. Oh the Jupiter/stupider thing brings back some fond memories. She is lovely. And Pip is brilliant. As always. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  8. Everyone is relieved she didn’t use Venus. That little girl kept her rhyme insulting yet clean and should be commended for not using Venus or Uranus!

  9. Great shot – a classic photo.

    I notice her prose also omitted mention of France and underpants, which has to be some sort of literary coup.

  10. Now that made me laugh, not one I’ve heard before. Did you get your book?
    Lisa x

  11. Tanya, I remember the version with France and underpants too. And the girls in France do a belly button dance. And the girls in Ceylon go out with their knickers on.

  12. There’s a groovy little girl!

  13. My girls sing this one … but poor Jess can’t hoola to save herself! Doesn’t quite get the words right either.

  14. Oh I just took another look at the picture and it must be so lovely and warm there still 😦 … I miss the sun!

  15. What a fantastic photo! I can just hear the sing song rhythym of the sing song rhyme.

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