Par Avion

On Friday as I was leaving work a small child asked me if I had children. When I said yes she wished me a happy mothers’ day.

That should be a nice thing, but it made me cry. I cried a little more when I got home and realised that the promised parcel from afar containing my gifts for mothers’ day had not been delivered. Especially when the sender had been prompted to post it and had protested mightily that she knew what she was doing.

Petty, small and pathetic…I know. I really don’t even care about days created by hallmark in order to create revenue. I did however feel a little neglected and unappreciated. Petty, small and pathetic…I know.

This made me feel better.

As did this.

Happiness arrived today in a large orange box from France.


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21 responses to “Par Avion

  1. Kylee

    Love is an amazing thing, especially when ones daughter grows old enough to know what little things can go such a long way. You did good Mum.

  2. Oh dear I understand just how you felt, I remember one Christmas my husband asking me what I wanted as a gift from him and the boys and I asked him to make me a bird table. He did and he put a huge Christmas bow on it, and different bird feeders, he even put a couple of (plastic) Christmas baubles on it, but this was all before Christmas day. Christmas day, and everyone was opening their pressies and he hadn’t got anything for me. He thought the bird table was enough, I told him it wasn’t. Oh the shame of it, it was enough really I just felt neglected, so I do understand.
    Your French Par Avion looks truly scrumptious!

  3. Not petty and small at all. Natural. One does like to know that one matters.

    I’m glad the care package arrived, simultaneously giving you a bit of a treat and letting you share in your daughter’s adventure a bit.

  4. I agree with Tanya. It would have been completely UN-natural for you to be anything else but blue. Love her Mother’s Day Post. And I could lick that piece of chocolat on that book. It looks so yummy.

  5. ashyinfrance

    I told you I sent your present. And you had presents from Dad and Pip. You’re helpful hint of go shopping worked. I did remind them too.

    Wear the shirt even if it’s 27 degrees. It was 25 degrees today. Summer has arrived.

    You’re so materialistic. Now I feel like I have to send you a present everytime you get sad.

    Well at least now I should be on time for your birthday now that I’ve worked out you need two weeks for posting a parcel that size. Hope you like your products.

  6. twolimeleaves

    I hope there will be sharing…

  7. I understand your moping. I have been too.

    Still, your blog features double dosages of chocolat (the solid and the cinematic kind), one after the other! Yummy!

  8. Okay. You’ve made me feel bad. Really bad. I haven’t got around to buying my mother anything yet – I only arrived back in the country on Mother’s Day. Surely she’s not expecting anything, I have spoken to her a couple of times…

  9. I sent my mum stuff for mother’s day and somehow it did not arrive in time even though I’d taken care this year that it would. Australia Post is in ter-UBBLE this year.

    Poor love, missing your baby. Still at least she sent you some errr, maps? I think you and Fixit must be related if maps make you happy.

  10. Oh goodness I REALLY feel for you at times like this. Instead of just merely feeling for you.

  11. What a lucky girl to have a mummy who loves her so! And what a lucky girl to be able to say that she looks like her mum … mum must look pretty good!

  12. Happiness Arrived in a Large Orange Box would be such a great title for a book!

  13. Dammit. I’m still a crab.

  14. A crab with a nice hairdo…

  15. ashyinfrance

    I got the maps for daddy.

  16. Well…I’m gonna read them too!

    except I don’t wanna

  17. I completely get the patheticness, aren’t we a funny lot! I hope you’re feeling more cheerful with all that loveliness in the orange box!

  18. At least Fairlie is a recognizable crab-shape. I don’t know what that picture was following my name but, weirdly enough, it has the same body-shape as me. My hair is significantly shorter in person. I shake my head.

  19. Aww, I’m glad that the package arrived and that you feel better. Chocolate helps a lot. It’s ok :o) xox, Linnea

  20. M

    What am I going to be this time? Still a triangle Lets see…

    Oh before I go – I love the look of the box. And its contents. Love love maps.

  21. M

    That’s right, I was a purple puff-ball. Still a purple puff-ball. Hmmm.

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