He has acute ‘earing

My Pete hates a monotonous noise. Anything with a constant rattle or hum, a whistle or buzz. These things irritate and irk him endlessly. He is a man of action and will always seek a solution to these problematic situations.

The air conditioning in our room is one source of monotonous noise. If you have ever slept in the tropics on a night when the temperature only drops to 28 degrees celcius and the humidity remains over 90%, you will know that turning the air conditioner off is not an option. My Pete has found an innovative solution to the rattle that comes from the unit on the wall.

For many years that cotton bud has been jammed in there – just in the right spot to stop the vibration and quieten the air conditioner. It doesn’t really matter. It’s the bedroom – we don’t entertain in there – no one would even notice it.

Unfortunately though, the microwave has begun to buzz – loudly. My Pete took it to be repaired several weeks ago and it is now working like a charm. However it makes an annoying, vibrating buzz as it works. It has been wiggled and jiggled in its housing. It has been pushed forwards and back, to the left and the right, but still we can hear it. My Pete, as always, is determined to find a solution and he is more than willing to think outside the square…

That rubber band, shoved decoratively in there, stops all noise. The microwave works without a sound.

I just wonder if they make those rubber bands in white…


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24 responses to “He has acute ‘earing

  1. Peta

    If only he could find a solution to that loud elephant like noise that goes on all night at your house… Oh wait, it’s Pete and he’s asleep and can’t hear it. Maybe a few strategically placed rubber bands?

    Wished I’d seen him going off at the microwave – I love a cranky Pete.

  2. On the other hand – you will think of him every time you see it and remember how much he cares.

  3. Lisa

    You said no one will enter in your bedroom but everyone knows already as we are entered on your blog…however your Pete is clever for little things…want to know if there are white rubber bands…try to paint it white or you can buy white wrist bands…much more fashion than old plain red/brown bands. cheers

  4. That’s how I fix things too! I love the clever application of ordinary household objects to solve a problem I must say.

  5. That cotton bud just cracked me up!

  6. hahahaha Tracey ,I really can hear the sound, great to write this on your blog, I can realy imagine the sound…

    Iwas away for a short while to switserland, so come and look at my impressions over there:) Greetings from JoAnn

  7. Oh my God that is hilarious! I know the madness that those noises can evoke!

  8. grandad

    Re the elephant like noise. A good trick is the one that I saw in a hut of 12 whilst I was in the Army. We had a snorer, so bad that the walls would shake. One fellow taped him on a reel to reel tape recorder, positioned the two large speakers on either side of his bed, cranked the volume up to max and hit play. Best result I have seen in years. Much better than a rubber band. Only thing is that you have to remember to run after pressing play on the tape for the injured party comes out of the bed like a bear with a sore head.

  9. twolimeleaves

    He’s a creative soul. And a sweet man. Worth putting up with that Elephant noise for sweetness and creativity. Bless his heart.

  10. I can totally understand his annoyance. I can’t even the bear the ping of the microwave finishing – I lay in wait ready to pounce before it goes off. It’s an art, I can tell you!
    The cotton bud made me giggle too.

  11. ashyinfrance

    No dad don’t turn the computer off I’m coming back I’m just getting my books. Dad? Did you turn the computer off? I was talking to people! It had my assignment open! Did you save those? Oh you probably read them though. Thanks I’ll fix that sentence up if it’s still there after you closed it. Yes I should have left it on. I was working on it. Noise what noise? That tiny little noise means it working and isn’t about to die. It will die if you just keep turning it off. Well when I put my music on you can’t hear the computer so if you stop turning my volume down you wouldn’t hear the computer either. Yes I am turning the computer back on I was working on it. No dad it is not making a noise. No dad do not try to touch the computer.

    Then ten minutes later repeat with a crankier dad. Can’t be trusted alone with the thing.

  12. rofl @ Ashy’s comment 🙂 I can just picture the whole exchange.

  13. Would he mind popping round this side of the world to deal with the squeak in our car?

  14. Just brilliant! I hate annoying noises too.

  15. Love the cotton bud. Love it. I hate irritating noise, too – especially in the middle of the night. *have* to find it, and put a stop to it, or I shall go mad.

  16. For the elastic, try white paint. And if white paint doesn’t do the trick, try white-out liquid paper. Anything that keeps Petey content is worth trying…

  17. That elastic band is working. Don’t move it, clean it, colour it, don’t touch it! Because if you do, you will never get it back in exactly the working position it is in right now.

  18. Aunty Evil is right. If you dare to move it one inch (or a few centimeters for you metric people) it will never be fixed again. That cotton bud wasn’t used was it?

  19. That is just so funny, I’m sorry but only a man could think of those solutions, chuckle
    Lisa x

  20. soozadoo

    As long as he’s not pissing on your ‘edge, cos it’s imported

  21. M

    Firegazer hates those noises too. And anything that ‘rattles’ in the car. He has been known to reach his arm around to all corners of the car to sort out a noise while motoring along at 110km/hr thereby freaking out all other occupants.

  22. Our house is full of things like that too. There’s a tissue that’s been jammed in a window sash for three years now to stop the wind rattling it, and we lived for ten or so years with a bit of cardboard carefully inserted in the crack of the ON button on the tape deck to keep it on, until my dad helpfully pulled it out one day and the machine died completely.

    I like the sound of Your Pete.

  23. I love people who come up with such practical and effective solutions.
    There’s a manhole cover just outside my house that rattles when cars drive over it…

  24. Sue

    Wow Pete is a real handy man isn’t he! That cotton bud is just brilliant.

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