I Heart Cake

Our usual baker has taken off to France, leaving me to assume the baking duties. Today we had morning tea at my house with my family. I decided to make delightful pink cupcakes. (even though we call them popcakes because one of the little ones does)

I bought a heart shaped patty cake pan.

I thought I would get beautiful heart shaped pink cakes, but they looked like this.

Just cakes with a skinny odd bottom and a puffy top.

Once they were iced they just looked like the common old regular shaped cake.

We ate them just the same. I just knew that they were made with extra love.


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16 responses to “I Heart Cake

  1. ashyinfrance

    I love …. cake. You dumbass. But you know how much ass hat messes up my hair.

    I snorted at your cakes. You really miss me don’t you? I did leave my recipes behind.

    Pink for Imjin? Did my parcel arrive yet?

  2. soozadoo

    Hearts? No way did they look like hearts. I saw them and thought you had gone for some sort of rustic hand shaped kind of cake.

  3. RUSTIC?? Is that what you called them? Is that a euphemism for lumpy?

  4. Yum! I love cake even lumpy cake! If you would like heart shaped cakes though make a square or rectangle and cut out heart shapes with a cookie cutter … let me know if you need any further advice Love Martha Stewart 🙂 (see that little smiley face has crossed eyes and a tongue hanging out … I just can’t do it with the key board)

  5. A bit of judicious trimming and they would have been heart-shaped! Kids (well, my kids, anyway) only really care about icing, and you did a great job on that so I’m sure they were a hit.

    I wants me a heart-shaped pop/patty cake tin now too.

  6. M

    It doesn’t matter what shape or size a cupcake is. A cupcake just IS. Yummy that is.

    Stomper, your kids and my kids should get together. Mine only like the cake bit. Between them all the whole lot would be gone.

  7. Well that made me laugh. Kindred spirits in the baking of cakes too I see!

  8. They look awful. You’d better send them here posthaste so I can, er, dispose of them properly.

  9. Grandma

    It was a lovely morning. Our nearly 90 year old aunt had a lovely time. Imjin sang the pointy finger in a circle song, Joe played guitar (which fortunately had no batteries), the boys played on the computer in the other room, with cakes, and didn’t emerge, and we sat in a circle and chatted. Thanks.

  10. h&b

    If it makes you feel any better, people use that dumb ‘ ❤ ‘ to signify they ‘heart’ something too, but to me it looks like a bum.

    Errr.. not that your cakes look like bums … goodness no..


  11. Isn’t it frustrating when you are attempting to do something so perfectly and appropriately? Your attitude towards your little cupcakes is my attitude towards my scribbling, er, meandering whilst quilting ~ it is all made with love.

  12. Rustic cakes! I love that description. I’m going to start using it to describe all my cooking. “That gravy isn’t lumpy. It’s rustic.”

  13. I never have any luck with novelty cake tins 😦

  14. If Soozadoo meant lumpy, she’d say lumpy. She’s frank.

    I would have inhaled them too quickly to note insignificant things like shape, size, color. Flavor is all that matters when it comes to cake.

  15. If I were you I would slice the top off and ice them oh so thinly so you could see the heart shape. With the cut off tops I would ice them oh so thickly and eat them all to myself!!! Well why not?

  16. grandad

    I know you ate them. Bloody none left when I arrived, save for a half eaten one that Joe had rejected

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