Just add four hours…

I do this obsessively through the day.

If you want to know the time of day in Paris you add four hours then make it the opposite time of day. So 6pm here – plus for hours is 10pm – make it the opposite time of day is 10am.

I imagine what Ashy might be doing at that very minute. I imagine what the temperature might be. You can go here if you want to check. I do, every day, several times.

Look how much she is growing up without me…

I wanted to add this song, but the video features Kate Moss pole dancing. For this I sincerley apologise. If you must click on it, close your eyes and just listen to the song. A singing into the back of a hair brush classic.


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20 responses to “Just add four hours…

  1. I feel for you honey, your firstborn so far away in another time zone. Glad you’ve got the blog to check.

    She is doing well without you. Due in part to her excellent upbringing and superior genetic make-up.

  2. I meant that in a non-nazi way, you understand. no master race stuff implied.

  3. M

    Doesn’t that look in her eye just scream “Mum, I really would much much rather be at home; this whole France gig is just not that fun”. Or maybe not. Sorry.

  4. Oh Tracey you make me cry everytime you do this!

  5. Um, wouldn’t it just be easier to subtract 8 hours?

    She’s gorgeous. She’s independent. She’s having a grand adventure. And you are brave and loving to let her do have one.

  6. I do the time thing exactky the way you do it but in reverese for Australia. So when it’s 10am Thursday here, I add three hours and make it the opposite and tomorrow: it’s 1am Friday in Perth! Crazy!
    Know exactly how you feel about your daughter being so far away. We have to let them go, but oh what a wrench! Bittersweet.

    (Looked at the Kate Moss video: she’s not much of a mover is she? No grace. But I think that’s her perfect milieu. Now I’m hoping my Kate-obsessed daughter-in-law doesn’t know about this video …)

  7. Honey what is the automatically generated stuff I see on this post – it is kind of weird!

    Unlike Ashley – who is becoming more beautiful. I can only begin to imagine how much you are missing that girl.

  8. Oh yes, oh yes, I quite understand. My boy’s coming home from NZ in two weeks, thank goodness, but then he’s starting work in the autumn at the other side of … Scotland (yes, not like the other side of the world, but here’s the thing – he still won’t be here) and I don’t like it!!

  9. Melinda – only a genius can subtract 8 hours. I like to add 4 because I can use the fingers of one hand…

  10. twolimeleaves

    She is so gorgeous, that girl of yours. Unlike Kate Moss who is about as sexy as a brick.

  11. grandma

    I know, I know. You don’t know how many times a day we find a reason to say “Ashleigh” let alone think about her. It would be hard for us to miss her more than we do. I go to Pimlico High every day, quite often with mind in neutral. There is a girl who reminds me of Alanna waiting and I think, Ashleigh can’t be far – before I have thought at all. Joe finds a reason to talk about her – he is very fond of my phone where Ashleigh’s photo is on the first page. Imogen tells me that “Ashleigh
    would like this dress, it’s beautiful”.
    Now we know that she is having the adventure of a lifetime and developing a new language and exploring another culture and so on. All of that doesn’t mean that we don’t miss her and feel left behind.
    Ashleigh, I don’t say these things to make you feel bad, but it’s the truth. If ever you feel a bit blue, say aloud all the people who love you, miss you and want only good things for you. By the time you get to the end – at least an hour later – you should feel great. And, a few more posts might just ease the pain!

  12. So sweet. She’ll be home soon and will be cooking up a storm with all those French cuisine tricks she’s undoubtedly learning!

  13. Isn’t she beautiful?
    Imagine her being that far away without all this technology though – too hard to bear, I would think.

  14. Peta

    Does Kate actually pole dance – I could only watch 50 seconds of it – and she was on a box. Isn’t that box dancing? Or does pole dancing encompass everything that involves wearing next to nothing and gyrating in a slightly odd way?

    I often wonder who is making our Ashy roll her eyes in her “You’re ridiculous” way and wishing she was here to tell us the story.

  15. There is a pole eventually.

    You were warned not to look…

  16. Tracey, you NEARLY stop counting after seven years. Just ask Tanya.

    I hope Ashleigh has a fabulous time.

  17. Did you just call me a genius? Come on, come on, I need all the props I can get.

  18. I’m taking lessons from you, you know.

  19. Adding hours, subtracting days, crossing datelines…which ever way you calculate it, it amounts to a long 12 months for you! But doesn’t it look like she’s having a fabulous time?

  20. h&b

    Don’t apologise for the Kate Moss clip – I love the White Stripes, and this video is hypnotic to me – quite classy.

    But how does Kate Moss still scrub up so well for the camera on her diet of fags, drugs, and greasy men ? Where’s the Keith Richard deep-sunk lines .. ??


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