Stuff to Make me Slow Down…

After the last post when I was congratulating myself for doing sooooo much I got a bit carried away.

“I can do this before I go to bed tonight”, I said to myself at 10:30pm, on a night when I have work the next day. “I’ll be finished in no time flat. I’ll just use this cotton, it’s not what I want but it won’t matter.”


I spent two and a half hours last night at sewing group unpicking.

You’d think I’d be old enough to contain my impulsivity by now!


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15 responses to “Stuff to Make me Slow Down…

  1. M

    Oh bugger, that’s what I do – except with knitting.

  2. twolimeleaves

    I bet you’re glad you pulled it out.

  3. Two and a half hours is a LOT of unpicking. You poor old sausage.

  4. Hmmm – that tag? I still think you’re superwoman. Glad you managed to finish it.

  5. You think? I love impulsivness. I don;t always like the after effect 😉

  6. Oh my, look at my spelling and key board skills. I shall now retreat into a corner somewhere. Sorry.

  7. Unpicking, unravelling, unknotting.

    I specialise in all of the above.

    My sincerest commiserations.

  8. Peta

    that’s why you should never stitch – staples and sticky tape come off much much easier

  9. I’m certain that there is a quilting book with that very title, Peta.

  10. Impulse always gets me in trouble. Usually I end up with my foot in my mouth though, not with stitches to unpick.

  11. Another reason for me not to sew: I don’t like picking out stitches!

  12. Thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog and thanks also for your kind words about my little quilt…
    Kellie’s quilt was absolutely amazing… This woman is a geneous with her sewing machine… The applique and machine quilting was out of this world…
    I love your little quilt… So what exactly did you spend 2 hours unpicking??? It all looks fine to me.. 🙂 I love the swirly lines, did you do this by hand or machine??

    Take Care..

  13. Oh, bless your heart. Darned if I know what was wrong with it, though. The bit you unpicked looked mighty nice.

  14. Don’t you hate that … does impulsivity reduce with age? 🙂 And how old are you anyway … you are on par with me aren’t you? My impulses are as whimsical as ever!

  15. God, how I hate unpicking.

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