Stuff to Make Me Happy

Postcards from France…

Sunshine-y applique…

Quilted feathers…

This song

I have been very busily working on my secret project. I am trying to finish six quilts. One is done, one is appliqued and the other four are drawn up and ready to go.

I think I can…

I think I can…


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18 responses to “Stuff to Make Me Happy

  1. twolimeleaves

    Those thar are some mighty fine feathers!!

  2. Come on little Red Tracey Engine! How gorgeous is that thimble fabric?

  3. Yes I am no quilter but the workmanship in those feathers looks fantastic to me.

  4. M

    Those quilts are totally divine! The stitching is so great.

    Looking at those postcards reminds me of the DVD I watched on Fri night: Marie Antoinette.

  5. grandma

    Lovely Ashleigh spread the joy sending out her postcards. We are still looking at ours, too. The new project is awesome – absolutely amazing.

  6. You do beautiful work Tracey!

  7. Your quilting is beautiful!

  8. Just smiling on this side of the world because MrsPPP is working so hard!

  9. I keep seeing your comments on Alice’s, M’s and Fairlie’s blogs, so I got round to visiting today – so glad I did. I love your quilt – such painstaking work!
    And I second your thoughts on the history of our civilisation/country being all about blokes and their achievements, and what they were able to accomplish while, or because, the women did all the hard background slog. We actually touched on this in art history when I was in art school.
    I’m trying to locate for you a piece that was in the Australian several years ago, with letters from women whose sons, brothers and husbands were away at war. It was a heartbreaking read, especially poignant to the mothers of boys (I have two and a girl). I’ll let you know when I’ve found it.
    Great to meet you!

  10. ashyinfrance

    Postcards count as email for the week.

    Also I asked about how to mail things home. So after I get something for Joe and both grandparents and maybe buy some chocolate, I’ll send it home. See it’s love.

    Still cranky at my blog. Videos will not post.

  11. I’m sitting here chuckling … your post is especially timely because I just finished quilting some feathers myself. Let’s just say that it’s nice to see what they should look like!

    You have wonderful sense of design.

  12. Fabulous feathers – hand or machine stitched? I’m showing my ignorance, now… Sounds like you’ve lots of balls in the air!

  13. bec

    Beautiful! am sure you’ll be singing “I knew I could, I knew I could” very soon.

    In NSW, the Australian History syllabuses also cover nurses at war, and women at home. For exactly the reasons you mention in your earlier post.

  14. There is nothing like receiving postcards from overseas. I have a boot-box full of ones I have received over the years from family and friends travelling to exotic places. I hope they are never made completely extinct by emails.

  15. Love those quilted feathers!

  16. My parents kept all the postcards I mailed home from the UK. They are wonderful souvenirs for me and I have carefully kept them (but likely couldn’t find them if looking for them due to reno!) for K and N as well!

    Stunning quilting! I’m thinking of heading to the fabric store sometime this week to pick up material to start to applique. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished projects!!

  17. Gorgeous! Those postcards are divine. The feathers are divine. The applique is divine. All such a visual feast. You can do it, Tracey! If Rob can rib a sticker of his chest (despite being male and unused to pain), you can do this!

  18. Oh fethers … I wish I could do that … why don’t you live closer??? You are a power house … how do you get so much done? Well done Tracey!

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