Seven Things

Ages ago someone (I can’t remember, but it might have been you, Alice) asked me to write seven things about me. I have been slack about it and not done it. It seems the right time now, so here they are.

1. I am very neat and organised at work. I hate to have clutter on my desk or in my working space. I will take a lot of time to present my space really well. I am not so inclined at home. I spread myself out across several working spaces and never really properly pack up one thing before I move onto the next. I wish I had a studio with a large bench for working and proper storage. If I had the money I’d build a kitchen in my studio, without the cooking facilities, just with all the benches and storage.

2. I am obsessed with cameras. I have a fabulous digital camera, but I am always looking at new ones in the catalogues. I want to see the newest features and how many mega-pixels. When does that constant techonological improvement end? When will we have designed the ultimate camera?

3. I am obsessed with taking photos of water. I love to slow the camera down so that the water is moving while the background is still. I have a lot of these photos.

 4. I love bangles and bracelets. I wear all of them at once. My children always know when I’m coming because they hear me jingling down the hallway. I do not, however, like necklaces.

5. I love to eat blueberries. We live in a climate that cannot possibly produce them, so they are really expensive. Sometimes I pay $8.00 for a punnet of them to eat. I justify it to myself by thinking that if I bought a sandwich from a shop it would cost that much and I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as the blueberries.

6. I refuse to push my children to achieve well in school. It is twelve years out of a long life. Your school achievements are quickly forgotten once you get out into the world. They are good people, I know they’ll be fine whether or not they are at the top of their class. I hate that teachers are always using the ‘could do better / not achieving to potential’ lines about children. We could all do better – even the teachers – but it won’t make us any happier!

7. I can smell rain long before it starts. I always know when it’s coming. Only half of the time will I run to take the washing off the line. The other half of the times I really don’t care if the washing gets wet, it’ll dry again when the rain stops.


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17 responses to “Seven Things

  1. I’ll add an eighth thing: you’re a marvelous photographer. I always enjoy seeing your photos.

  2. Just wanted to say hi, just discovered your blog yesterday so these 7 things were just in time! I know what you meen about blueberries. They are my favorite fruit.

  3. You’re so wise about not pushing kids. Often they’ll ecxcel anyway if it’s left up to them. It’s better when the motivation comes from within…..My son planted several blueberry bushes about three years ago, just to see if they would thrive. He’s babied them along and had a few casualties. But three of them survived and are looking very healthy this year and even have berries!!

  4. I suspect that it was me that tried to loop you into showing your quirks. Glad to read them! K and N enjoy blueberries too so we can hardly wait for them to come into season!

  5. Who, moi? 🙂

    Loved reading your 7 things. Totally with you on half of point 1, all of 2, and HALLELUJAH to 6. Amen, Amen, Amen. I think I am having a religious experience.

    Not into the berry thing though. You can keep the blue, the ras, and the mulb, I will take the straw and the goos.

    I love the water image, and also love to take pictures of water as it falls. That’s a great shot.

  6. That should be rasp, shouldn’t it?

  7. I can feel a thunderstorm coming. I’m outraged if berries are more than $5, can’t believe how expensive yours are.

  8. I don’t really like blueberries, though the kids eat them like lollies.

    I like you even more than ever for number 6.

    I am too thick to do the fab things you do with your camera but hear you loud and clear about the camera obsession!

  9. h&b

    “We could all do better – even the teachers ..”

    I like this line, and tend to agree with you. Life is long, and although school is important, so are a lot of things *away* from school.

    And your kids seem to have turned out fine.

    And despite some truly horrible punishments, threats, remedial action, tears and despair I endured in my own youth … I still suck at my Times-Tables, and now I have the added bonus of breaking into a sweat when thinking of them. So that obviously worked. NOT!

    I love the smell in incoming rain.

  10. I second H&B’s opinion. We had to say our times tables in 2 minutes. I also got my tongue twisted and never could do it. Just thinking about it makes me nervous. Love your bangles. And your clean workspace. If mine gets to cluttered, I have to stop and have a cleanup before I can get anything else done.

  11. M

    Finally, someone else who leaves their washing on the line in the rain.

  12. I see that cameras and microwave ovens get different treatment in your home. It would appear that cameras are in a higher caste of technology!

  13. I don’t have a closes line … but still feel the urge to run and get the washing in when it rains … my mum really stuffed with my head!

  14. ….mmmm ….what is a closes line? …. not sure but I know I don’t have one of them. I also don’t have a clothes line! Or a brain.

  15. I love number 6 – sometimes I forget it…but I love it.

  16. I can smell the rain too, it is such a delicious smell!

    If my clothes get wet in the rain, I have to re-wash them all, I cannot stand the feel and smell of them if they have been wet.

    That is a great shot of the water. I can almost hear it.

  17. $7 is my psychological barrier for berries of any kind…if they are more than that I won’t buy them!

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