In 1986 my Pete and I each put in $350 and bought a microwave. This was really our first commitment to each other. We were 19 years old and the purchase represented a silent promise that we would set up house one day. The microwave was one of the very stylish ones that was covered in a woodgrain patterned stick-on vinyl.

One day, many years later, it went BANG! and made a very bad smell and we had to throw it out. Thankfully that has never happened to my Pete. We bought another to replace it.

Yesterday this one stopped working. No bang, no fizzle, just cold, hard carrots after three attempts at cooking them.

I guess when you consider that my children looked like this when we bought it

we shouldn’t really complain.


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21 responses to “Value

  1. Value alright. And microwaves are now (semmingly) dirt-cheap. $700 22 years ago was thousands back then. Still is really. I guess your oven has seem loads of meals right? Value.

  2. (seen, not seem, but you knew that didn’t you?)

  3. Please don’t make me talk about toasters. We had a second hand one for the first 20 years of our marriage and it was wonderful. We have had three in the past 3 years and none of them have worked properly. It makes me feel old and grumpy.

  4. Our ‘new’ one is about 8 years old, & I am getting a bit jittery thinking about it! I saw one today at Aldi for $59!!

  5. M

    Ah, yeah, probably time for a new one. Mind you those Geniuses do last a long time. Mum and Dad had one for a Gazillion years. It was one you could actually fix and it carried TWO plates of food when you put in this spacer thingy.

  6. h&b

    $700 bucks for a microwave in ’86 !

    Did you invite people over to see it, and throw ‘Microwave Parties’ ?

    I bet you did ….

  7. soozadoo

    You should have got a new fridge at the same time…

  8. The fridge, purchased in 1986 also, did not go bang and did keep the carrots cold. It is fine.

  9. ashyinfrance

    Tread around the fridge lightly Sussie. The new car took years for them to buy. The fridge will go soon enough. Then daddy will curse because he designed the kitchen to the specific size of the fridge.

    Just get a new microwave. You like chucking stuff remember? You make Pip do it often enough.

  10. I love reading about you lot! Thank God Pete hasn’t gone ‘bang’! 🙂

  11. Well thank goodness about Pete! He’s surely irreplacable.

    We inherited a microwave from my sister when we got married in 1998. She received it as a wedding gift in 1989. It finally crapped out in 2001. But that $100 little black appliance gave us more than our money’s worth. Especially considering it cost us nothing.

  12. And way back then, when you bought it, and those chilluns were so small and sweet, I bet you never dreamed that little girl would travel off to France all by her lonesome…..

  13. I remember a couple of years ago my microwave went with a very impressive firework-y type bang…and it wasn’t very old!

  14. grandma

    That microwave brought the comments about amazing technology – convection and microwave together! Remember, when we put Ashy’s food in to warm, she would stand in front and say “beep, beep” trying to make it happen faster? Love the photo. Pippy nearly looks chunky.

  15. $700 in 1986 was a fortune! You must have really loved that microwave. Hope the new one lasts as long.

  16. Congrats on your new microwave! I, too, have a thing about appliances: see my blog posts on bread makers (as we were going through a breadmaker about every 3 to 6 months). So far, so good on the Cuisinart breadmaker.

    Found a fabric-line that might interest you:

    I was it in the quilting store where I bought your fat quarters, asked for the fabric line name et voila!

  17. Remember life before microwaves? How did we do it? And how romantic the tale of your first one. You never forget your first do you?

  18. This was a sweet story; I can almost see the two (relative) kids you were in ’86 canoodling among the microwaves.

  19. Peta

    Car, microwave, video player … fridge – you know its going to happen. Nothing lasts…

  20. Oh my goodness your babies were (and still are) gorgeous!

  21. We’ve had our (only) microwave for over 20 years. I keep expecting it to go bang or possibly to poison us with toxic… microwaves, I suppose.

    What sweet babies!

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