Look what came in the mail yesterday.

All the way from Canada. Three fat quarters of Paris themed fabric, a hand-made card and some cinnamon hearts. When I went to check the sender’s blog, I found that Maureen had also nominated me as  a blog with a heart. Thanks Maureen. Thanks for thinking of me when we were low in January and sending the pick-me-up gift. I really do appreciate it.

Thanks to the lovely Kirsty too. Kirsty and I are acting as a back ups to each other on projects that we want to achieve. By back ups I mean nags and enforcers. I am not good at beginnings, so she gave me a kick this week. I got started on some super-secret, but oh so exciting quilts. I’m so pleased that I stopped thinking and actually got to the stitching! Kirsty is my opposite, she’s not good at finishing, so I’m looking forward to giving her a kick a bit further down the track. It’s only fair.

Thanks everyone for visiting the Lloyd the Llama blog. Pip has been very focussed as he has mastered the art of drawing his cartoons directly into the computer. It’s fascinating to watch him. He draws with the mouse in his right hand and the pencil in his left. They are ambidextrous cartoons! The new one should be up very soon, if it’s not there already. Think like a thirteen year old boy and you’ll find it hilarious too.

I should explain a very weird family foible that will help you to get the last cartoon. Pip has a habit of finding a word that he likes and saying it over and over again. For a while the word was Jimmy. Any question that was asked – where are my shoes?, who has the remote? do  you have any washing? – he replied ‘Jimmy’. (got the odd clip round the ear for it, which, apparently, just makes it funnier.) Next the word became chicken. Same scenario except the answer to every question was ‘chicken’. So, Ashleigh and I decided that every time he said chicken we would shout ‘Jimmy’ right back at him. This has morphed into a bizarre game, where you have to be the first person to shout ‘Jimmy’ whenever chicken is mentioned. It also counts for rooster, poultry, hen, even chicken in a foreign language – le poulet. If you say ‘jimmy’ first you are the winner. You win the freakiest person in the freakiest family award. I find it hilarious and feel that I should apologise at the same time.


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20 responses to “Thanks

  1. Peta

    JJJJJJJJJJJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy. I’ll even take a pity one….

    Pippy is up there in the favourites Ashy – what are you going to do next???

  2. lloydandothers

    You left out the other eight jimmies so
    (yes that’s only seven i said jimmy on the top line)

  3. lloydandothers

    I may as well add that you’re not allowed to say
    “Chicken… Jimmy!”
    if you say chicken you have to give everyone else a fair chance at jimmying it.

    It’s illegal to jimmy your own chicken.

  4. Peta

    Chicken … jimmy.

    I’m starting my rebellious phase a little late in life. ANARCHY RULZ OK?!

  5. All right, I think I understand the rules so I’m saying jimmy jimmy jimmy for the three chickens in Pip’s last comment?

    Tracey (and Maureen) that material is so gorgeous, can’t wait to see what you make of it.

  6. That fabric is so lovely and ever-so thoughtful!!

  7. ashyinfrance

    Peta you’re banned.

    Jimmy to Stomper.

  8. Peta

    Excuse me but my Jimmy was a huge, fairly all-encompassing jimmy.

    And Ashy jealousy does not become you – be nice – I still have your hair straightener and I’m about to steal your boots.

  9. Finally. I can’t believe that I mailed the package on or about Jan 23 2008 and it arrived April 12. (Hence the reason for the cinnamon hearts which I eat by the gallon in the same timeframe as a lead up to Valentine’s Day). I had expected the package would arrive within about 3 weeks but that expectation was banished by CanadaPost which said 4 – 8 weeks before it would be delivered in Australia. It’s been almost 10 weeks or so from here to there. Incredible.

    Still, I am relieved that you finally got the package. I thought you might want to incorporate this “Molly Goes to Paris” fabric into some quilt! I was a little concerned, considering the delay, that some customs official lucked out with the fat quarters! I thought you’d get a kick out of the French themes!

    I look forward to seen the end result of the fat quarters in a future project!

  10. PS: did you notice that the candy packaging is bilingual? Almost all packaging is here hence my ability to quickly access vocabulary in French….

  11. M

    Okay, so I’ve read it twice and I still do not think I have the jimmy chicken game in hand and I am the QUEEN of weird word games, just ask my kids.

    Love the fabric (oops, nearly called it material).

  12. I love the Jimmy game – and am promptly stealing it!

  13. Brilliant family game! It reminds me of a friend I had when I was about 16 – she called everyone Douglas and used to ring up and ask for Douglas. My Dad thought it was hilarious. How good is that fabric – yum! And double yum – I love cinnamon flavoured anything! How bad is the postal service from Canada????

  14. I just wanted to pop in and say, Thank you so much for your thoughts during the recent passing of my father.
    Much appreciated. Love reading your blog, and realy did appreciate your comments.

  15. Love that fabric. And mmmmmmmm, cinnamon hearts. Never had them but they sound like they’d taste fabulous!! Like Louise, anything cinnamon is a winner 🙂

  16. I think it’s safe to say words like: “normal”, “average”, “typical”, and “sane” can’t be used to describe your family. Welcome to the club! I love the chicken-jimmy game! So wonderfully weird.

  17. Tons of fun around your house!
    Love the fabric, was really surprised at how long the package took to arrive. I have had a card, & a magazine posted that arrived quite quickly.

  18. What a nice surprise in the [literally!] snail mail! That buddy system sounds great. I’m definitely a starter—would happily start a new project every week. But then I’d have to finish them….aggh! I’m finding smaller projects are best—at least there’s half a chance I’ll finish them while I’m still enthused…..You should get your daughter to scout some more French themed fabric for you and make her [eventually!] a Memories of France quilt. Chicken….Jimmy….I’m hopeless at such games, but it sounds hilarious!

  19. I love family jokes they are by far the best! Love and laughter who could ask for more?

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