Boys are Really Quite Smelly

A recent conversation in our household.

Me: It’s going to be so strange when Melodie moves out next month and I am living with only boys.

Pip: Why would that bother you?

Me: I’ve never lived with just boys before. I like the company of girls. They notice stuff.

Pip: What do you mean that girls notice stuff?

Me: Well, if you get a new shirt, or have a haircut. A girl would notice and make a comment.

Pip: Oh.

Me: And if you feel sad or mad, but you don’t really want to say anything. A girl would notice that too and ask you what’s wrong.

Pip: Do I notice stuff?

Me: Not usually.

Pip: Does Ashleigh notice stuff?

Me: Always. Ashleigh is very perceptive.

Pip: Ok then. I’ll try really hard to notice stuff from now on. Is that a new shirt?

Me: No.

Pip: It’s a nice one.

Me: Thanks…


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18 responses to “Boys are Really Quite Smelly

  1. It just makes me want to give you guys a hug!

  2. Bless his heart. I have no girls, but I am training the boys to notice what I wear.

  3. twolimeleaves

    He’s his father’s son. So willing to try. And what more can we ask of our boys than that they be willing spirits?

  4. I live with boys. Even the pets are boys, The dog, the budgie, probably all the fish. 4 brothers. I don’t mind it really, having never had the girl experience. That, I get from bloggers 🙂

  5. M

    Firegazer says “At least he had a go”. I agree. Lovely boy.

    Poor Pip he’s just starting out on a life of confusion about what is okay/not okay to say to girls. You’ll be getting compliments on everything for the next two days.

  6. That’s very sweet.

  7. That’s very sweet.

  8. All boys in my house too. They just say it like it is, don’t they? No embellishments! But I do find they are honest once given the nudge…if only they didn’t need so much nudging.

  9. Oh. He did TRY! You have to give him credit for that. He’s such a boy. He can’t help it he was born a boy. His job is to make you laugh with hilarious, low-brow humor. Ashleigh’s job is to be perceptive. She MUST call you more. That’s the answer.

  10. It is the thought that counts!

  11. Nic

    A sensitive boy can warm your heart as much as a perceptive girl – even more because you know it doesn’t come as naturally to them (I have one of my own, who is usually the first to notice stuff).

  12. Good going, Pip! He’s trying hard and I give him credit!

    Girls may be more perceptive but tend to be more clingy. I noticed this as a camp counsellor one summer ~ the boys made effort to be mischievious (and showed affection by having a pillow plop unexpectedly on my head) while the girls clinged. You are lucky to have one of each to balance this out!

  13. That’s very funny! Lucky I have one of each!

  14. Now you mustn’t generalise…my son noticed my last haircut as soon as he walked into the house. Unlike his father who was blissfully unaware. He commented and said charming things. All I could think was – how well the Lovely MissE has trained him!

  15. Just way too sweet 🙂

  16. Bless him – that is funny!

  17. All girls here, but no-one seems to notice new shirts or haircuts.

    Actually, not entirely true…I once got a haircut while Queenie was at kinder, picked her up and she ran away crying and saying she really didn’t like my hair cut.

    Good first try for Pip. He’ll get the hang of it.

  18. grandad

    All girls in my house, including the animals, save for the budgerigar which got out of the cage and escaped. Does that tell you something?

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