The Outstanding Adventures of Lloyd

To be continued…

My son has been raised on a healthy diet of the random and the bizarre. Monty Python, the Mighty Boosh, the Far Side… he loves them all. I can see those influences coming to bear in his current cartoons.

I think my son is a freaking genius! Perhaps Lloyd should have his own blog. Would you call by to see what happens next???


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17 responses to “The Outstanding Adventures of Lloyd

  1. grandma

    I know he is a genius. He has the best sense of humour, sense of ridiculous ever. He loves taking the piss out of himself – that’s rare in people today and almost never heard of in 13 year old boys. Love Lloyd, Pip. I can see Lloyd becoming a cartoon, soon.

  2. M

    Total genius. I think he and Dav Pilkey* should get together to write a book. My son would be first to stand in line to get a signed copy.

    *y’know – The Captain Underpants Series

  3. I should have listed captain underpants as another early influence

  4. twolimeleaves

    Pip, I hereby declare you a GIT (Genius in Training)! You definitely need a blog for Lloyd. How will I sleep tonight, not knowing what comes next??

  5. This series has everything – drama, humor, pathos. Yes. He must continue it.

    Besides, I want to find out what happens when the llama spit hits the lemon ray!

  6. That is one heck of a cliff hanger there. Who would ever have dreamed up Lloyd the Llama (love the double double L’s) and a Super Lemon? The fate of the universe surely hangs in the balance! I expect a conclusion to appear soon in this space or in Lloyd/Lemon’s own space.

  7. This is splendid. He is indeed a genius. And you look so young! (probably because you are, mind you).

  8. I think Pip would fit in very well over here.

  9. I’m barracking for the llama spit to win.

  10. Me too. From where I sit that super lemon attack was completely unprovoked. Poor Lloyd.

  11. Lisa

    Cannot wait at the end.. keep up Pip do not delay any longer…love that story…what wrong with you girls (Stomper Girl and peppermintpatcher) cant you see that Llyod is cheating with spitting …surely spit out is banned…dont you think so?

  12. Spitting is not cheating…not when it is in response to a completely unprovoked attack by a citrus. And I’m sure llama spit is the only proven defence against the deadly lemon ray.

    Amazing talent, young Pip.

  13. Peta

    LLoyd is a LLegend. LLemon is a LLoser. Don’t you know we’re allergic to citrus?!

    Pip you are a master.

  14. Oh, excellent! Definitely needs a blog.

    And what, exactly, is the translation of “Woot”?

  15. Made me think of Captain Underpants. Too cool! Or the demon cartoon at the end of Buffy. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  16. lana

    hello hello

    brief hi.

    not much up, uber bummmed atm. training not going well. very sad. very sad for Ash too. would like to give her a biiiigggg hug.

    i miss children the most. ive always found myself surrounded by littleuns whether they are my cousins, randoms or particularily from your beautiful family. just wanted to say i miss youre darling family!!!

    i hope everything is going well, pip’s comics make me giggle. tell him to keep up the good work. say hi to everyone for me!

    lots of love, alana

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