Outside my Comfort Zone

Generally I do not succumb to peer pressure. I won’t bow or change my mind for the popularity.

This means that I don’t take dares or challenges. If you want someone to do stupid things for your entertainment then get a performing monkey. (Although, I do think that would be cruel.)

HOWEVER… my sister made a very valid point in this post. Women hide themselves behind the camera. They happily photograph you and you and your family, but never themselves. I am certainly hyper-critical of my many faults and flaws. I am reminded of them often by less than subtle people. I don’t like to see myself from the outside because from where I sit, on the inside, I’m pretty damn hot. Just the mirror and the camera can shatter that illusion!

Sussanah’s dare was to do a self-portrait. She is fully made up and freshly laundered in her photo. A little encouragement from photoshop and she revealed herself.  Then Stomper Girl  took up the challenge, but she went all hard-core and did her beautiful portrait first thing in the morning… without make up or photoshop tweaking. She really raised the bar high!!

Generally I would just watch from the sidelines and enjoy the happenings, but it seems a revolution has begun. Self-portrait dares are being made all over the interweb. Women are being shaken from their comfort zones. The intention is so very noble. Stop beating yourselves up and putting yourselves down. Be proud of who and what you are. You didn’t get there by accident, you are a product of your choices in this life. You made your choices, be proud of them.

SO I went hard-core too. Stomper is my sister in arms. I took my photo fresh out of the shower. I have no make up and I did no photoshopping. However, the mirror in my bathroom is really grubby so I wiped it with a tissue. This had the effect of smearing the dirt and creating a soft focus filter of sorts. I’m quite pleased with it!

As my heart literally takes a lurch, here I am at 7:45am.


Here I am approximately two and half  minutes later – dressed, hair done (I didn’t brush it, just put that clip into it), make up on and ready to go out.


If you read this post, you have been dared to show your beautiful self.


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25 responses to “Outside my Comfort Zone

  1. leave me a comment and I’ll double the dare!!

  2. soozadoo

    You look about 12 in that second photo!

    Too cool sister o’ mine!

  3. twolimeleaves

    Fantastic! I would sooo talk to you on the phone for a long time 🙂

  4. You look pretty bloody good for that hour. I look bloaty eyed and asleep. You have my hair. !

  5. Peta

    I love the look in your eyes in your first photo. That is an I dare you look. I can imagine 6 year olds in your class withering from the sight of those eyes.

    PS you are very bee-you-tiful

  6. M

    Just fabulous. I’m feeling the pressure (I’ve taken the photo, but oh..to blog it – that would break ALL my rules)

  7. Holy cow, I just did a double take. I think I’d dimly known that you and Sussanah were related in some fashion, but not that you’re sisters. And … I’ll bet you get tired of people pointing out the obvious, which is that there’s some shared genetic material there, so why don’t I just put a sock in it?

    Lovely self-portraits. You’ve captured a sense of vulnerability with the first one. Great post, too. You make good points, a far more positive version of my personal “This is as good as it’s gonna get, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts.”

  8. ashyinfrance

    See Peta you need a blog too so you can also be acknowledged as one of the sisters. Be tecknological.

    Mummy love the ‘Oh yeah?’ look. And why does it need to be any better in the second photo? Have you seen it? You’re pretty. Go out there and be pretty.

  9. You ARE pretty! And you look so much like Ashleigh in that first one! The first looks so tough, the second kind of whimsical. I second the Bee-yoo-ti-ful!

  10. By the way – this has nothing to do with this blog post, but your comment on my Chiwara/CD holder post damned near made me bust my sides laughing. Bless you.

  11. Does it count that I have posted lots of photos of myself this week? (with more to come BTW)

    You look fabulous!

  12. Grandma

    We do beautiful girls well in our family. Maybe you or Sussanah could post a photo of Peta to complete the trio. Ashleigh, Chelsea & Imogen are carrying on the tradition. Mind you, our boys are more than a touch gorgeous too. Pip definitely has your hair which is good. Declan tells people, “I am a boy not a girl, I’m just pretty”, all with a smile on his face. And Joe – well people stop me in the shops to tell me how gorgeous he is. But you my darling have always been beeyoutiful! I will dig out some photos of you when you were small for you to post.

  13. I just used that as a threat to make Ashleigh post on her blog. Are you threatening me????

  14. You sure are beautiful in the mornings! All the time, I would say!

  15. So wonderful to see your lovely face .


  16. Yay for you Tracey, it’s about sisterhood not peer group pressure. I love your portraits and as everyone has said you are pretty. And natural curls to boot! I think you do look vulnerable in the first photo – I just want to give you a hug! And I love that you take less than 3 minutes to get ready, that’s my idea of maintenance too!

  17. Lisa

    Whoa!!! You looks like your ma…very much in her 40’s….that is what she looks like every morning.. are you cheating with your hair…there should be grey somewhere in there???

  18. Seriously, you look that good straight out of the shower? And less than three minutes from go to WOAH!!?

    It takes significant time and effort for me to scrape through to presentable.

    Lovely to see you!

  19. Let’s see:

    Peaches and cream complexion
    Beautiful eyes
    Lovely hair
    Even features
    A sense of self-possession and confidence in your expression

    What’s not to love?

  20. ashyinfrance

    I do not look like mum!

    Bring out her baby photos! Do it, do it.

  21. Sorry, Ashleigh, but I see strong resemblances between you and your Mom. Same eyeshape, dark hair and confidence! Am waiting for the baby photos now!

  22. You look fabulous! I read the challenge and have thought about it too – hats off to you and stomper!!
    I will post a pic soon.

  23. Ditto what Fairlie said…

    I’m not sure I can take up the dare. I was half thinking of it and got a photo I like of Chickie and me, but it would mean coming out of the blogging closet.

  24. Yeppers, I can definitely see the family resemblance too!
    Gorgeous shots, it was a great idea to do this, I love putting real faces to all the blog comments

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