Summer Time

Why does business get to control everything? Why do we make decisions about the way our society will run based solely on the whims of business? Where are our priorities?

Stupid bloody daylight savings time, summer time or whatever other stupid name you want to call it! Designed to give us more time at home with our families during the pleasant months of summer. Well, if that is important why don’t we work less!?!

This week France went to daylight savings time. I had a neat little arrangement going. I would get out of bed at 6am and chat to Ashleigh on MSN for half an hour or so because it was 9pm in France. It was working so well for us. NOW 6am is 10pm. She can’t stay out of bed all night just to chat to her mother, so I haven’t managed to talk to her for five days. It doesn’t work in the evening here because she is at school until 2am Townsville time. Do I really have to start getting out of bed at 5am, just as a slight nip arrives in our mornings?

Stupid bloody daylight savings time.

I just don’t like it…


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14 responses to “Summer Time

  1. Will it be any better when we swap out of daylight saving next week? Or worse. (I can never work these things out)

  2. Not for pp as QLD do not have daylight savings – she is suffering because of French DS.

    I love it. I won’t when I have a daughter or son OS. I will look back and think – she was wise to be cranky about it – that Peppermint Patcher.

  3. M

    I’ve just been on the phone to my SIL in WA. She was having a rant about daylight saving as well. And that’s about next year’s. The light is so different over there so I can see why they don’t like it – stays light until way way later than over here and then is SOOO dark in the morning.

    But I like them having DLS because it makes phoning home so much easier.

  4. I am just sitting here wondering how you have trained your daughter to go to bed so early. My teenagers are compelled to go to bed at 11 but would probably be up later given a free choice. They are still able to leap out of bed looking as fresh as daisies early in the morning (if they want to). Unlike their poor mother.

  5. How bizarre is it that WA went off daylight saving last weekend, and we don’t until next weekend – so we have one week where it is three hours difference between WA and Victoria? Madness.

    I understand your angst. It’s tricky trying to coordinate communication across timezones.

  6. Peta

    And it makes your curtains fade faster too. Can you compromise and make it 5.30 or 6 am two days a week and 5 am two days a week? Or just demand that she comes home – I’m all for that.

  7. You must miss her so much! My heart goes out to you … but I’m usually up at 2am maybe I could chat to her!? 😉

  8. ashyinfrance

    Mum I haven’t spoken in five days because I’ve been away those five days. I didn’t speak to you one night at 10 because I had been on a bus for 12 hours that day.

    And I have to sleep. It’s for the safety of others to let me sleep. I can’t come home. I have to finish this. I like it here now.

    I will talk tomorrow.

    Just swap the arrangement around. I’ll get up early. Have to anyway and then I stand there for ages waiting for my brothers.

  9. It’s weird to “hear” Ashleigh say “brothers”.

    I say we petition to have daylight savings abolished. Ours shifted a month ago and I STILL haven’t gotten my internal clock adjusted. It’s light way into the evening and pitch dark when I get up. My body keeps telling me to get back in the bed. And J.T. says: “Mom, it CAN’T be time to get up, the sun isn’t even up yet!”

  10. Is it true that Qjueensland doesn’t have daylight saving? I remember a joke about Joh Bjelke Petersen… it went something like everyone knows where the sun shines from in Qld, & Joh is not getting up early for anyone!
    Shame about your chats with Ashleigh.

  11. grandma

    Ashleigh – Your Mother’s rant was about daylight saving, not you. Be kind to her, please.
    Queensland does not have daylight saving because we have more than enough sun in summer and the tropics has no twilight. For those who haven’t been here, it is daylight from 5 am until 7 pm – then dark. That’s it. If you go to our western border in Mount Isa (a 2 hour flight or 12 hour drive) it’s daylight (and 35+ degrees) from 6 am to 8 pm and they definitely do not want more. For those in the southern zones who would like it – stiff.

  12. We don’t do any time changes in my region and I am glad of it. Yes, we could have sunsetting shine until up to 10:00 p.m. but would I want that? I’m just glad to not have to change times! This year we finally purchased a “smart” clock radio that changes its own time. Why do radios have to be smart? Why can’t people be responsible for setting their own clock? (I figure that if I have to read your rant on DLS, you need to read mine on clocks).

  13. Yeah, like my mum said, STIFF!

  14. twolimeleaves

    Hi Grandma! I see where your girls get their charm from 😉
    *blowing kisses* love, Kirsty

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