I’m with the Band

Pip and his mates have started a band. One of the parents owns a business with a warehouse, so they play there on the weekend with the amplifiers turned up loud. He plays guitar. Someone else has a guitar, but it only has five strings. I guess that makes Pip the lead guitarist. There are several bass players and a drummer.

Today I asked, “So, how was rehearsal?”

“Yeah great. One dude can play Grease really well on the bass. Another can play Sweet Child of Mine. One can play that song by Green Day.”

I am suitably impressed, but feel compelled to ask,”Is there a song that everyone can play?”

“Nah, not yet. We should probably choose one.”

I just nod,”It might be a good idea.”


This is the song that Pip can play.

People all round the world sing along!


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24 responses to “I’m with the Band

  1. When’s their first gig? I’ll be there!!!

  2. twolimeleaves

    Yes! Pip! You chose a really good one. I love that song. Let’s face it, who DOESN’T love that song?

  3. twolimeleaves

    PS Do they need a chick singer? I know one with a really hot pair of boots 🙂

  4. I’m certain that the boots will be more important than the actual singing. It’s all about the image!

  5. Oh man. Boys and their guitars!

  6. Peta

    Someone can play Ross and my special song! I can’t wait til I can have pip’s music as my mobile phone tone.

  7. Peta

    PS Joe can play the wiggles guitar really really well. And he’s pretty good at smashing stuff too.

  8. Lisa

    Is he a spiderman?…dont know if either was he lying down or standing up…sorry cannot buy any music records to enjoy myself… if he do it more louder and loudest and sing “It’s a small world”… perhaps I’ll think again…All the best & good luck Pip and his mates

  9. He is standing on his bed and leaning against the wall. I painted a spiderweb on it quite a few years ago when he was really into spiderman. I guess he’ll want to get rid of it one day, but it looks pretty cool in the photo.

  10. Oh and Joe is soooo in the band! I’ve seen his dancing. He would be an asset to any band.

  11. h&b


    I always wanted to be in a band !!

    Mainly for the boots. Natch.

  12. How fabulous that they practice in a warehouse rather than your garage!!! Love the fact that they all play different songs!
    I had a friend who could play lots of songs but never any in full!! We all just used to tell him to learn a whole song first.

  13. grandma

    Do they have a name? I have been told that the right name is very very important. Perhaps The Individuals? Pip has the hair, he doesn’t really like to wash it, he is happy wearing any clothes at all, he is very laid back, and I think is a rock icon just waiting for a break. Go for it!

  14. What a great picture.

    You’re going to see your girl! I’m so happy for you!

  15. Pip totally rocks. He has the hair. He has the mad skills (see how with-it I am?). He has the instrument all the girls love. I think the bad name should be Pip and the _____________ (insert something really cool here).

  16. I think the best name for the band would be “The Tin Men”. Considering they all play guitars, presumably loudly in a warehouse (so I can just imagine the accoustic echo of that experience), and Pip as lead guitarist, it just seems like the best name to summarize them.

  17. Excellent photo. What a great outlet for them all, and so good to know they don’t practise at your house. (We had a wannabe rockstar living next to us for a couple of years and it was more awful than I care to remember)

  18. twolimeleaves

    Pip and The Pipettes?

  19. grandad

    Bernie and the Bodies sounds Ok to me. I have started calling Pip “Bernie” from Weekend at Bernie’s. He is so laid back that he could be the body that they carried around for the weekend.

  20. Tracey this is truly priceless!

  21. Great photo! So you’re a garage band groupie now??

  22. M

    Watch out for the groupies!

  23. Brilliant pic – he’s got the look already.

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