When Ashleigh left our house and moved to France for the year Melodie moved into our house. Melodie is a French exchange student. This has been an exchange in a literal sense because Ashleigh’s first host family were Melodie’s parents. We literally exchanged teenaged daughters.

It has been a delight to have Melodie with us. Her presence has helped to fill the enormous hole left in our home by Ashleigh’s departure. She and Ashleigh are actualy similar in a lot of ways. They are both self-contained, confident girls with a wicked sense of humour. Neither of them are demanding in any way.

Tomorrow is Melodie’s 18th birthday. Her parents arrived from France just a couple of days ago to celebrate with her. Today I made them very happy. Together we went to Billabong Sanctuary. A local wildlife park filled with these:






What more could you want when you come to visit Australia?

Ashleigh’s 18th birthday is in early October. Melodie will be back in France by then. Today her parents asked us to come and stay with them to celebrate Ashleigh’s birthday. I can’t say no to an offer like to an offer like that. I’m already thinking about the things that I want to see when I get there!


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19 responses to “Melodie

  1. Peta

    Come to North Queensland and we’ve got smelly animals – a lot of whom would like to kill you. Go to France and see amazing artwork, century old castles and chocolate. Hmm, who gets the better deal?

  2. Go for it!
    Great pictures too!

  3. Lisa

    Yeah agreed with Peta, worth to go France – been there myself….go for it because it is only time Ashy will 18 and for sure she wont forget her 18th in France especailly to celebrate with her own family for ever and the rest of her birthdays in future will be spend in Aussie…so start saving up now or even start to do lots of quilting to sell!

  4. M

    Wow! what a great opportunity. Definitely definitely go it will be so worth it.

  5. twolimeleaves

    Happy birthday, beautiful Melodie!

    Ashleigh’s birthday in France with you guys would be just perfect!

  6. h&b

    ooh la la !

    Lucky you 🙂

  7. Well you couldn’t miss Ashy’s 18th, could you. S’pose you’ll have to put up with all that French food, shopping and culture while you’re there. Poor you.

  8. Ali

    Well, it would be rude not to really wouldn’t it?!

  9. Yikes: was that an alligator or a crocodile that I spied? I’ll keep my snow, thank you!

    Who can say no to such an offer to visit Ashleigh in France! Sounds like a great opportunity for everyone! (Hopefully Pip will be able to come along for the ride!)

  10. Having a French exchange student live with you has meant you have been tourists/tour guides too and seen so much over the past few weeks!

    France. October. sigh!

  11. Wow. France in October. How exciting.

  12. That koala bear is adorable! Happy birthday to your pretty French guest, and don’t hesitate—when will you ever have such an opportunity again? Bon voyage—in advance!!

  13. Happy birthday Melodie! Tracey, I’m so pleased that you will be going to share Ashliegh’s birthday with her in France! My step son (who is now 23) did a 3 month exchange in France in the Summer holidays before he started year 12. We all struggled with this … especially Michael, but he got a perfect score in French when he completed his I.B. later that year.

  14. Hello Tracey.
    How interesting that you have students from France, I hope that your daughter is having aslo a great time, happy birthday for Melodie.

    We went on travelling for a long weekend in the snow, to luxemburg, I made a big collage with 48 different sky’s, come and look, Have a good weekend ! greetings from JoAnn

  15. soozadoo

    That Koala looks drunk!

  16. Only Sussanah would notice that.

    I was loving this vicarious animal tour…. until I got to the picture of that huge reptile and his HUGE mouth full of HUGE teeth.

    Happy Birthday Melodie

  17. ooohhh aw how cute they all are,excepting the crocodile any way! Lucky you to have such a wonderful experience for your family and your daughter in the exchange student program! And hey, a real reason to travel to France!!

  18. What are the people doing in the enclosure with the crocodiles? Attempting to train them? I saw something like that at the San Diego Zoo once, and it seemed like a thankless task to me.

    France for your daughter’s birthday, eh? Seems like an incredible hardship, but sometimes one must make sacrifices for the sake of one’s children.

  19. Well I hope you refused. *snort*

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