Rock ‘n’ Roll!!

Last night Pip practiced his electric guitar while watching a documentary about the history of art.

My Pete drank a beer. It had been at the bottom of the fridge for at least four months. He was asleep on the couch by 8:45pm.


It’s all rock’n’roll round here!


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13 responses to “Rock ‘n’ Roll!!

  1. What were you doing, quilting?

  2. ashyinfrance

    He shouldn’t have given all the alcohol to Grandy for the Beach House.

    Four months later he would have wanted it again.

    Those couches are starting to go brown. That’s the side that Pip puts his head.

  3. hee. I’m really enjoying that history of art series myself. Minus the guitar, of course.

  4. Lisa

    brown on couches…. would it be from doing the quilting? not pip’s hair? joking… Ah I got it from Tracey’s feet!!…excuse my sense of humour…

  5. You may think it funny, but it could well be true!

  6. I am bracing myself for whatever instruments K and N select to learn. We have a piano ~ which, happily, can’t be played out of tune!

  7. amy

    The fabric quilt squares a few posts down are so pretty. I hope you post the completed project. I am jealous of quilters who have the knack for choosing lovely colors.

    You seem like very genteel rockers! 🙂

  8. Party on.

    Your butterfly pics are beautiful, and reminded me how my two year old saw a butterfly the other day and stretched out her finger and demanded it land on her finger.

    I love the butterfly house at Melbourne zoo, especially in winter!

  9. Just sounds like good family stuff to me! Gotta love an art documentary!

  10. Clean them? Wouldn’t it be easier to get new ones? But I guess you’d have to clean them before you donate them to charity or something, huh?

    Rob is an occasional beer drinker. We have bottles in our fridge that would be vintage if they were wine.

  11. Quilting! You are a daredevil Rock Chick and we will have to keep an eye on you!

  12. Call me strange but I love hearing Will play his electric guitar.

    I could well be crocheting whilst he does it!

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