We have returned from our few days of driving. This time we went north to Mission Beach, then on to Cairns and up to Kuranda. It was a very nice few days. Just over 1200km covered in four days.

I took 413 photos during the four days. I probably deleted 100 because they were crappy, but those are pretty good odds! I love to use the macro setting and get up close to bugs and little things. We visited the butterfly house at Kuranda, so I shall now, self-indulgently, make you view my photos. I have no commentary to go along with them because I don’t know enough stuff about these particular butterflies. I just know that I like them.

Closed up and camouflaged to look like a leaf (taken outdoors)


Cairns Birdwing – these are enormous butterflies. (taken outdoors)


The rest are taken in the butterfly house…

looking rather tatty



My favourite butterfly – not very big, but just beautiful.


Just about to take off in flight


One that landed on Pippy’s finger and stayed there for the longest time. Even while he was walking around.


It cost $15 to get in, we were there for almost an hour, it was incredibly humid and hot, but these photos make every minute and dollar spent oh so worthwhile!


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18 responses to “Butterflies

  1. I have the same butterfly on my blog. I swear. Just a month or 2 ago.

  2. I’m always pointing out to Lyndon the butterflies I see outdoors. Always. Really large *shudder* ones I see fluttering around. I’m one for seeing them out in nature, but not one to flutter around my head. I *hate* the butterfly enclose at the Melb Zoo so I don’t go anywhere near the one at Kuranda. Glad you had a great time ‘zooming’ around. So very sorry we didn’t get to met. Bloody colds.

  3. I am going to go there with you one day! What a lovely thing to be able to look at these photos of yours.

  4. M

    I do love a butterfly house. Such great shots – usually mine turn out all misty with the humidity.

  5. They are terrific photos! I see butterfly quilts in your future!

  6. My favorite is the blue one with the yellow body. I have never seen one like that! I don’t think that I’ve had the experience of a butterfly allighting upon me either ~ the thought of it seems like such a gentle experience!

    Thanks for taking us on your outting! I love trips!

  7. They are lovely. Makes me glad you paid $15 and endured the heat and humidity. It WAS worth it.

  8. Fabulous photos. We have a lot of butterflies in our garden. They just won’t settle for me to photograph! Frustration!

  9. ashyinfrance

    Steve Parish, you. All those hours of standing out in the backyard for a few photos of one butterfly.

    Glad daddy got to drive his new car for you to take your butterfly photos. You love taking a butterfly photo. Hope daddy didn’t have to wash the butterflies off the car.

  10. So cool! Thank you for sharing these.

  11. fabulous photos!! Will keep that place in mind when we are up that way!

  12. Fantastic! They just magnificant! We don’t see butterflies any more unfortunately, not even the white ones that were a dime a dozen when I was a kid. I loved Kuranda.

  13. God help me I can’t believe I didn’t proof read my comment on your blog! Please – it should read … They are just magnificent! …. arrrrrrh, sorry! I had some very bad schooling. 🙂

  14. Love, love, love butterflies! Great photos, especially the second one…

  15. Butterflies are such delicate, beautiful creatures. I was leaping about on a walk in the woods this past w.e. trying to capture a pic of a gorgeous black specimen with sky blue markings. But he kept fluttering off just as I thought I had him! I like the second photo best!

  16. I’ve been to that butterfly house at Kuranda. I remember being very impressed with the bright blue ones.

    Your photos are lovely.

  17. Lisa

    Hi this is my first time on your blog… Thanks Tracey…. enjoy surfing thro all…took me hours to read it all…Umm did you know there are only three animals in the world that cannot hear like me, they are butterflies, snakes and fishes….great pics are they beautiful??

  18. Gorgeous pictures! Having great subject matter helps, but you also have to have an eye for it, and you certainly do.

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