Small Towns

I find it fascinating that small towns cling to a feature that they view as unique or special, a point of difference from every other small town on the way to somewhere. Sometimes it can be the most beautiful natural feature, or a building with historical significance. Sometimes it is just a bizarre structure.

At the bottom of the range leading to Eungella there is a town called Finch Hatton. There are enormous signs along the road proclaiming it to be home to the Historic Finch Hatton Railway Station. It makes me stop and wonder whether I should know about the railway station in Finch Hatton. Am I just ignorant for not having knowledge of it?

It is a very small, quaint building which has been on this site since 1904…


The townspeople are obviously very caring custodians…


 with careful eyes for detail…


But more than just a few years have passed since you could catch a train at this station…


It has been a very, very long time between trains.

 We are of zoomzooming again this weekend. See you back after Easter.


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9 responses to “Small Towns

  1. Our small town also has a restored train depot as they are called here. Makes my dad’s (note correct apostrophe use please) blood boil everytime he drives by it. Whoever created the color scheme didn’t check their facts and used the wrong ones. The depot is white and green and it should be white and black. You have to love the devotion they’ve given their “claim to fame”. It is a very pretty, pastoral place.

  2. My hometown has a a half-dozen abandoned furniture factories. One small pretty rail station would be an improvement!

  3. Finch Hatton is a great name for a town. Hope you have a happy Easter. Drive safely!

  4. What a lovely historic train station! I love those train stations that continue to exist long after the last train clacked through the tracks.

  5. M

    You call it quaint, I call it extreme optimism. Maybe, just maybe, the train will come back…

  6. I love it! We must keep the perfectly attractive but useless. Or some of us might be liquidated!

  7. Di

    I was so surprized to see your post. I grew up only 10 minutes drive from Finch Hatton in a smaller town called Pinnacle. You would have driven through it on your way. My parents still live there on the farm and we love going back to visit as often as we can. I love that railway station. It’s only small but was quite busy in it’s day. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Pioneer Valley – it’s a beautiful part of the world.

  8. Di

    oopps – It should have been surprised…not surprized!

  9. Gorgeous. Thank you for the post. You’ve brought back some happy memories.

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