It seems the thing to do

Lots of people are currently discussing apostrophes and their various uses and misues at the moment.  It is a topic dear to my heart. My daughter is still quite cross with me for the apostrohpe man cartoon that I drew on her draft English assignment in year 11. I drew him as a super hero, with a cape, proclaiming that he would go to the ends of the Earth to protect an apostrophe from abuse. I didn’t realise she had to hand that draft copy in to her teacher. My daughter was not impressed or amused, and her teacher was both impressed and amused!

Here is my recent photo of the abuse of an apostrophe. There seems a common school of thought that if a word ends in a vowel it must need an apostrophe. IT DOESN’T.


Don’t eat the pizza, Fairlie.

PS I don’t usually post twice in a day because I think that no one will notice or comment on the previous post. I made an exception to the rule for this very important topic.


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11 responses to “It seems the thing to do

  1. I hate grammar mistakes. Ones that point to ignorance and not careless mistakes. Typos, the odd spelling mistake I can handle. But bad grammar just points out a bad education.

  2. ashyinfrance

    Freakin’ apostrophe man. She was showing everyone.

  3. Yes! Yes! A girl who understands the correct use of an apostrophe.

    Freakin’ – The apostrophe indicates the missing g.

    Apostrophe Man obviously did his work well on Miss Ashleigh!

  4. Heeheehee! I am bracing myself for apostrophe abuse, run-on sentences, sentences ending in prepositions (another beef of mine), and other grammatical faux-pas when I receive research papers next week!

    My favorite error from last term: a student ended her paper with a final sentence starting, “Least we forget”… I will never forget “Least we forget” although I have already forgotten the writer’s name!

  5. I will keep an eye out for crimes of the apostrophe!

  6. One annoying apostrophe thing is when people write “it’s” when they mean “its”. Lots of my favourite blog-writers do this and my fingers itch to correct them. But then I think, ho hum, blogging is for fun, not for assessment. So I just type a little rant from time to time, hoping that the offending people will see it.

    I’m perfect in every way myself, of course.

  7. Thank you. I feel much better knowing that you’re on the job. There are a few stores around here which you need to visit, ones advertising “Discount CD’s” and the like.

    I don’t suppose you have a photo of Apostrophe Man anymore?

  8. I made sure that I have read both entries thoroughly, I love two post days. Must say though I am now a bit scared to comment in case I’m arrested, my grammer is more than likely not up to scratch :). Have a lovely long Ester weekend!

  9. I recently sneakily rubbed out the apostrophe in pizza’s on a take-away blackboard menu. It bothered me THAT much.
    (Thanks for your comment re: camping. Your story is the reason why I keep going every year!)

  10. There are rumours that in non-English language countries, apostrophes follow different rules! But in English the easiest-to-remember rule is: if in doubt, leave it out.

    Have you seen apostrophes used to indicate a missing “e” – for example, in “they ok’d the project”.

    As an editor I see more and more of this horror: its’

    And finally, the story (or urban myth?) of the butcher’s shop whose sign said:
    – and got a lot of customers through people coming in to tell them about the apostrophe error on their sign!

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