I am too so a Quilter

Recently I met Kellie after seeing the most beautiful quilt on her blog. After exchanging a few emails Kellie had to search through my blog to find any reference of quilting. I actually did start my blog thinking it would exist solely as a vehicle to show my quilting and connect with interesting quilters all around the world. It has sort of taken on its own life and evolved into something else. Basically I like to talk about myself and that is what this blog allows me to do.

The start of this year has been a traumatic one for the members of the Petersen family- that includes all of our extended members. I have not done as much quilting in the past eight weeks as I usually do. I have, however, been busying myself with various quilting things. I am quite eclectic in what I like and what I make. (not fickle, eclectic) Here is the actual evidence…

a pillow waiting for hand stitching…


some blocks waiting to be stitched together into a quilt top…


a recently quilted whole cloth hand-dyed piece…


a secret project waiting for quilting and eventual publication in an Australian quilting magazine…


I really enjoyed doing the whole cloth piece. I am beginning to think that perhaps I should enter quilts like this one into some quilting competitions. Perhaps that should be my quilting aim this year. I would gladly take suggestions on this…


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14 responses to “I am too so a Quilter

  1. Tracey what a treat to see fabric and your beautiful work! I also hope that the rest of your year will be filled with happiness, all of the things you love & stacks of quilting. And yes please lets see those whole cloth quilts. Keep up the story of your life I love your blog.

  2. Your header is nice and quilt-y, though! I’m eclectic not fickle too! What a good way of putting it.

  3. SOmetimes things have to take a back seat. I really enjoy reading your blog and love seeing your work…

  4. It is a great treat to see your work. You know I am no quilter but I so admire people who get beyond the shopping for fabric and actually stitch the pieces together!

  5. M

    I stare and stare at your stitching and wonder “How?”.

    Quilting is one of the arts I hold in the highest esteem but think that I don’t have the requisite patience to follow it through.

  6. Oh how nice to see your quilting again! I so enjoy reading your blog that I had not realized that I had missed seeing your quilting. I love the whole cloth – you should absolutely enter it into some shows!

  7. I love your quilts. Proof that you don’t have to be an artist/crafter to appreciate beautiful work. I say: “Go For It!”

  8. I enjoy your blog and posts on various subjects and am delighted to see photos of your work! I think it’s great that you might enter into quilting competitions! It’s always important to have a goal and quilting competitions sound like a good one for you!

  9. I love your whole cloth quilted piece. And I like to read about both your life and your (eclectic) projects on your blog.

  10. Yes, indeed, you are too a quilter!

    and, Oh you lucky thing, seeing a platypus in the wild!

  11. What a beautiful whole cloth quilt – a wonderful new world to explore. I love reading whatever you write but I am glad for you that you feel able to turn your face back to the things that you love doing.

  12. Your whole blog is lovely to read & enjoy. It is yours, to do with as you wish!
    Lovely looking quilting going on anyway!

  13. Love that whole cloth hand-dyed piece!

  14. I have only been reading your blog this year and am so surprised to see all this lovely work. The whole cloth quilt is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to seeing all the other pieces as well as reading about you and your family!

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