My Girl

Please go and visit Ashleigh today.

Six weeks away and she is beginning to feel a little lonely. Leave her something Australian if you can – a song, a slang word, even a swear word that is uniquely ours. She’ll apreciate that.


I miss her too…


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11 responses to “My Girl

  1. grandma

    Ashy – chewy on your boot. It’s a good Victorian expression. For those not Australian it is yelled out when the opposing team is kicking the football.

  2. On ya Grandma. That saying always brings a smile to my dial.

    Hugs to you Tracey. Before you (and she) knows it, Ashliegh will be boarding that silver jet back to Oz.

  3. Stone the bloody crows Tracey! Allright, i’ll see what i can do….

  4. I’m going there now darling – back soon. You keep hanging in there.

  5. h&b

    Love ‘chewy on yer boot’ – haven’t heard that in *years* !

    I think it is easier being an Exchange Student if what you really wanted to do is run away from home ( like I did ).

    Ash obviously loves and is loved at home.
    So this is a good thing 🙂


  6. Done.

    I’m exhausted now!

  7. Hugs for you. I have obediently shocked Ashy with my lack of slang. I did however offer some southern sayings about rats copulating in wool socks. I’m sure *that* helped.

  8. Fair suck of the sav!

  9. “Tie me Kangaroo Down, Sport” is about the extent of my Australianisms. I don’t think I’ve even seen a whole Crocodile Dundee movie ~ at best segments. Like Melinda, I have occasionally surprised Ashleigh with my Canadianisms. (I’ve recently discovered that your “whinging” is our “whining”! Oh, the things I’m learning from blogs?!)

  10. I enjoyed your tour. I never thought that I’d get to Australia (too far away) but now that I’ve read so many Australian blogs, I’m wondering if it could be managed…

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