We spent the weekend at the beach house. Generally being out in the wilds of nature doesn’t impress me, but I love to walk along the beach and find interesting stuff.


The day was very windy. Pip decided to try some parasailing with a towel. No matter how high he jumped his skinny little body did not lift off the ground.


The beach was littered with jellyfish blown in with the waves and the tide.


There were lots of beautiful shells to find and photograph.


My Pete even found a piece of driftwood shaped like the Starship Enterprise.


If only it had been shaped like a religious icon…I could have listed it on ebay!


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18 responses to “Beachcombing

  1. I’m sure you could get a reasonable price for trekkie stuff…

  2. Peta

    I’m squinting and I still can’t see the Starship Enterprise.

  3. Use the force. It may help you.

  4. Ali

    I think for some folks, the Starship Enterprise IS a religious icon.

  5. ashyinfrance

    Mother you can’t use a Star Wars line in reference on something about Star Trek.

  6. I concur: lots of Trekkies would pay lots of $$ for natural Star Trek ships on Ebay! List it, list it!!

  7. Trekkies unload a lot of money for junk, er stuff. And Ashy is right. I won’t tell Rob you did that. He might be offended.

  8. Oh, some great shots! I particularly like the one of your son parasailing.

    A day at the beach is good for the body and the soul.

  9. OK people – my Pete will not part with the starship enterprise.

    You all realise that Star Trek is actually a documentary about the future, don’t you…???

  10. I’m with you. I’m not one for nature walks but I could spend hours (days prehaps) walking along the beach and beachcombing…

  11. Looks more like the rat from Ratatouille to me. But I’m not a Sci-Fi fan.

  12. h&b

    for some people, all things Star Trek *are* religious items.

    Luckily for me, I do not know these people.

    However, if they bought driftwood from me, i’d be ok with that..

  13. That photo of the shell is very beautiful.

    I’m with you about the wilds of nature but can always be happy with a beach walk.

  14. soozadoo

    I’m so glad Ashy and Melinda picked you up on that, Star Wars and Star Trek, it’s like Protestant and Catholic. You need to be more nerd scifi sensitive.

  15. I love that shell! Walking on beach is up there with my top five things to do….

  16. Oh, to be on a beach…

  17. Wish I could visit that beach, & sooth my soul.

    Love the pic of Pip.

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