European Bus Trip

The combined Rotary clubs of France organise an amazing bus trip around Europe for the exchange students in their country. Today Ashleigh sent us the paper work to sign so that she can go in June.

In amongst all the rules about staying in your own room at night, complying with the requests of the bus driver, carrying your own passport and being responsible for your own luggage, I found these two gems:


13. Piercing is strictly forbidden during the bus trip.

14. Dying one’s hair blue, red, yellow or other colour will not be accepted.

I’m desperate to know the story behind those. THAT trip must have been quite memorable…


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19 responses to “European Bus Trip

  1. I linked to the actual page, but it is only taking you to the home page. Click on bus trip, the last item on the second left hand column, then voyage en Europe and you’ll find the itinery.

  2. That was good for a chuckle. You’re reminded me of the time I reviewed a rental contract which included a clause forbidding the use of hibachis in the bathtub.

  3. twolimeleaves

    What if the bus went over a bump just as you positioned the piercing needle? Can you imagine the pain?!

  4. I’d like to see them define ‘red’ in their dying regulations…as I suspect I’d be kicked off that bus…

  5. Well I hope you’re not allowing Ashleigh to go. The tour sounds terrible. Who would want to do that?

    You know I’m joking.

  6. I think it is so interesting that “Piercing” is used in the French version (then translated to English). Surely, the French have their own word?!

    I am oozing with envy with the thought of that trip! She’ll have a great time, pierced, dyed or not!

  7. soozadoo

    Ahhh that would have been the Amsterdam bus trip.

    So, tattoos are ok then?

  8. grandad

    being pierced is a no no, but what about being pissed?

  9. So do they do strip searches to see if anyone has got a new piercing? I mean there are other places to pierce!!!

  10. Can I be really boring here? No, more than usual, I mean.

    I know someone who went on one of those kinds of bus trips. Had a ripsnorter of a time, arrived safely blah blah, just to put your mind at ease…


    They stopped somewhere or another, and most of the kids left their stuff on the bus and only took their cameras out with them. This young girl I know took her possessions with her, and she was the only one who didn’t lose her passport and money when someone just climbed onto the bus in their absence and took everything!

    I know Ashleigh reads your blog, of course she does, so this is aimed at her. TAKE NO RISKS! EVER!

    And have a bloody good time…

    Get drunk lots. (just to prove I am not totally boring)

  11. Maybe just some tips or highlights? A couple of foils? A rinse that comes out after 6 washes?

  12. Ali

    I’m sure as a parent, you get much reassurance from such sensible guidelines!

  13. I’m assuming that the hair dye/piercing clause is adjacent to the no alcohol clause? I second what Aunty said! You can never be too careful. Losing your passport would be an absolute NIGHTMARE!

  14. Once hair has been dyed, surely it cannot be ‘not accepted’.

  15. Goodness. Hope they don’t park near any Kon Tiki buses or those innocent exchange students will be totally corrupted.

  16. Glad to read in a previous post that Pip is doing so well (and reading so much – go Pip!) The scars look significantly better!

    As for Ashleigh’s trip – yes, I’d take comfort in that all the BIG issues are covered. I’m wondering if one gets into trouble if their semi-permanent starts to fade and reveal red hair underneath while “en trip”! Oh sacre bleu (or insert some other Frenchism here!)

  17. ashyinfrance

    espagnol vache. If you do something terribly you say you do it like a Spanish cow.

    There’s a lot of dumb cows in Spain.

    Post woman.

  18. h&b

    In the US, they offered us a “Western Safari”, which took in Vegas, Arizona, Grand Canyon etc, San Diego, and Mexico.

    It’s where I met Laurent the Belgium Boy.
    And Lars, the boy before Laurent.


    One of the Japanese girls got a perm, as was the trend, and Rotary had to work VERY hard for her father to accept her on the return trip. She had broguht shame upon the family, apparently…

  19. I wonder if they check the nether regions for dying or peircing? Sounds like a great trip though, wish it was me 🙂 (Everyone seems to be travelling or know somone that’s travelling).

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