One Hundred Sleeps

Today Chelsea came to visit.

She is feeling the void left by Ashleigh’s departure more than anyone else. She can’t walk into our house without a sadness coming over her. Each night she asks if it is less than one hundred sleeps until Ashleigh returns. One hundred is the biggest number when you are just six.

She wanted to show Ashleigh her new dancing shoes and her new Irish dancing moves.


“Don’t worry”, she said. “She can just see me dance at my concert.”

It almost broke her heart when we said that she wouldn’t be home in December for her concert.


I hated having to tell her that…


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10 responses to “One Hundred Sleeps

  1. Awwww. How sweet is she? It breaks my heart too!

  2. Awww. It is so hard to miss someone when you are only six.

  3. It is nice for Ashleigh to know that she’s missed. I do feel so sorry for Chelsea who so obviously misses her. How about placing a videorecording of her dancing on your blog or you could do the same via some photo programs so that Ashleigh can watch Chelsea? I’m sure the feeling is mutual for Ashleigh.

  4. That little girl is so sweet. I think it’s wonderful how close all yours and your sisters kids are. They are forging lifelong friendships, and within the family environment, what could be better?

  5. Poor sad little dancing girl. The thing about dance concert videos is that you only get to watch who the camera-operator wants to watch, very frustrating if all you want to focus on is one little star. Unless one of you guys smuggle in a camera…

  6. Yes you will have to take a camera in.

    Poor Chelsea.

  7. I think that there should be at least one post a week about the adorable Chelsea. I wonder if she has the full Irish dancing regalia with dress and curly wig? We quite often see little Irish dancers and the dresses are extraordinary – real works of art.

  8. ashyinfrance

    Now I don’t know what to say. I will give a sarcastic thank you cause that’s the easiest way to hide the fact you made me cry.

    Those dancing shoes are awesome! I am so jealous. I always wanted a pair.

    Chels you’re going to be a great dancer. Look how beautifully you’re pointing your toes. Thank you for showing me your shoes! I’ll tell you when it’s 100 and bring you home presents. xx

  9. I want to see Chelsea’s dancing moves!

  10. grandma

    Maybe Pip can script another movie, this time with a princess who dances. That would be awesome.

    Chelsea is beautiful in nature as well as in face. She is gentle, loving, has beautiful manners, is kind, careful of other’s feelings, helpful, works hard at school, looks after the little ones, has a wicked sense of humour and just in case you think she is perfect, she is the most stubborn child we know. Her mother’s daughter indeed.

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