In the decluttering frenzy of the past few weeks I have managed to lose my joggers. (please note that I use ‘joggers’ as a generic term to describe a type of shoe, NOT to describe how I use the shoes)

I have looked everywhere, but they are no longer in this house. They’re not under any tables or beds, they’re not in any cupboards or drawers, they’re not even in the shoe basket. They are just lost.

I think my Pete threw them out, but it makes him quite cross when I mention that.

SO off I went to buy some new ones.


I’ll put these ones in a safe place. In case I decide to declutter again…in about four years.


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21 responses to “Recluttering

  1. Yes, they look like they could go fast. I always suspect Fixit of chucking away lost valuables too.

  2. On the right feet maybe they would go fast.

    I’ll never see it though.

  3. Pete did it so you could indulge yourself in a new pair. Thank him, don’t accuse him.

  4. Peta

    I recommend only using them for walking. At the pace you walk they’ll last for years.

  5. I call them “sneakers” because that better describes how I use them!

  6. I was going to ask if they would last four years, but I guess for you slow walkers, they will.

  7. ashyinfrance

    ah ha ha. There was actual laughter. I would suggest under the computer table. You take them off there normally.

    They’re silver. They’re like robot shoes.

  8. I actually believed you and looked under the computer table right now. You’re wrong though…

  9. grandad

    Make a “where’s my shoes ” list this may help, but don’t lose the list in the clutter. Did I use the apostrophe correctly?

  10. What lovely hair your Pip has. Glad to see him looking well.

  11. Whew, what a relief! Joggers are “running shoes” to me! I was a little concerned that you had liberated some fitness freaks and, for an instant, was wondering whether “forced confinement” was a criminal offence in Australia!

  12. New joggers look so much trendier than old joggers. Like sleek speedos for feet. Streamlined. Smooth. I want some.

  13. speedos? We’re strictly boardies. We like to leave A LOT to the imagination!!

  14. soozadoo

    Peta you’re frickin funny you are

  15. Oops, for clarity, we refer to persons who enjoy recreational running or marathon training as “joggers” or we comment that a person is “going out for a jog” hence my reference to “fitness freaks”.

  16. ashyinfrance

    I now have a sneaking suspicion I bought the same joggers in France for sport. I’m sending you a photo of my joggers and you can confirm it for me.

    You’re a dork. Look under your sewing machine, the studio couch and behind the cabnet where the shoe basket is. I lost so many shoes behind there.

  17. I have called them runners, but have never run in them. My mother told me when I was a young girl that “cows and girls don’t run”.

    I have called them trainers, but…pshaw to that.

    I have called them sneakers, but with these thunder thighs, you can’t really sneak anywhere.

    So I will settle for calling them “shoes”. That will confuse everyone but me when I say “has anybody seen my shoes?” and I get brought every pair I own but the ones I search for.

  18. They look suitable for walking at any pace you desire!

  19. They’re predominantly sneakers in our house. Sometimes runners. The Poolboy has cross-trainers. And maybe it’s because I grew up in the sandy West, but we also occasionally call them sandshoes.

    Is there a definitive Australian noun for sports shoes that are worn specifically during the avoidance of any sporting activity?

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