Man of Steel

So, people have asked for an update on Pip. It has been almost five weeks since his surgery.

In that time he has:

read enormous books


improved his guitar techniques


made and received countless phone calls to invite lots of friends over to visit him


reach a level 66 with his world of warcraft character (about to level at 67)


He has healed and he is strong (don’t let his skinny, weedy appearance fool you)


So strong that he has taken no pain medication for a week, except for the day when he sneezed six times in a row. Next week I am taking him to meet his teachers on Tuesday. On Wednesday he will return to school. It is up to him how long he stays each day. I imagine he will find it quite tiring in the first few weeks. We are happy for him to come home when he needs to rest. He is excited to see his friends again, but not so thrilled with having to get out of bed early. It has been almost twelve weeks since he last went to school, it is time to get back to real life.

He is amazing!


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32 responses to “Man of Steel

  1. grandma

    It’s his nature that is precious. We went to the movies on
    Friday and the movie turned out to be a chick flick. Did he moan, squirm in his seat, carry on like a raw prawn? No. He just laughed and said, “Well, that was crap”. He did let me load him up with fast food as compensation, though.

  2. ashyinfrance

    So we now give out drugs to people who sneeze six times in a row? Hello! I should be getting several trucks full for twenty times in a row.

    Good to see that you read those books Pip. They’re good.

    Ew you can see your scars. Ha mum called you weedy.

    Oh no you have to wake up early to start school at nine. Come start it at eight in pitch black.

    Hey did you finally upgrade to a horse?

  3. Yes he did buy a pony for his dude with cow horns on his shoulders

  4. soozadoo

    Chicks dig scars, he just needs some tatts now to be uber cool

  5. Oh he IS a man of steel isn’t he? Literally. What a guy!!

  6. He looks a lot like my boys – weedy did you say?
    I would imagine it would take a grown-up twice as long to recover, and I know there’d be far more grumbling.
    He and Youngest have much in common.
    Keep us posted and thanks for the update – tell him I said: nice biceps!

  7. That’s all great news!

    What I wouldn’t give for his lovely curly hair…

  8. What great news! Altho he likely won’t admit it, he’s likely raring to get back to school! Good going, Pip!

  9. He looks fantastic!

    I had to laugh at Ashleigh’s comments about the sneezes though. That girl can fire off more sneezes in a row than the military can fire rounds of ammo!

    I’m secretly impressed by that. I have always thought highly of my 6 in a row. What a pathetic attempt that is next to hers!

    Oh yeah, and good on you Pip (this is, after all, about you). Have fun back at school!

  10. I just discovered your blog through Suzanne Earley’s blog. Your son’s story truly touched my heart. I’m so glad to know he’s doing so well! I’ve chosen to tag you, so that more people can get to know your blog and you! Rules are on my blog.

  11. Did I interrupt a sneezing contest? Would you believe me if I told you I sneezed after I typed that and that I feel another one coming on? Swear!

    He’s definitely going to be a chick magnet with those scars.

    Sigh, so jealous of his weedy phase. Why do boys get the weedy phase and girls get the baby fat forever phase?

  12. My brother has an appendix scar and he used to tell girlfriends that he was attacked by a water buffalo. Seemed to pull the chicks!

  13. Peta

    Ashleigh if you have time to comment on your Mum’s blog you have time to blog. Less sneezing more typing.

    PS really really really miss you…

  14. Wow, hasn’t he recovered well?!

  15. Will is a champiom sneezer.

    That boy Pip has the best guitar playing hands – lovely long fingers.

  16. Always, always on your blog.


  17. Back away from the wine Mary.

  18. ashyinfrance

    I blogged!

    pcch sorry but six sneezes? My records twenty in a row. Of which I then had a break and did eight more after.

  19. Great Going!
    Pip looks fantastic!

    Thanks for the update/

  20. Sue

    He is doing so well for such a big op!

  21. Oh, good. He’s looking quite a bit healthier. He should be feeling well enough to give you a run for your money soon, I’ll wager.

    And yes – the scars will definitely give him an aura of mystery with the young women, should the occasion to display them ever arise.

  22. He looks pretty good, indeed. The scars will set him in superhero status with the girlies 😉

  23. Oh his chest looks so much better, but his baby face makes me weep a bit, thinking of his bravery.

    Nell plays that WOW game, or should I say wastes valuable sleeping time on it, maybe she and Pip could do virtual hook up and invade a dungeon together or something. (can you tell I think it’s stupid?)

  24. M

    yep, what others said, chicks dig scars. I’m thinking I would be sneezing a lot more and complaining about pain a lot more and, therefore, putting off returning to school.

  25. Yay on such a great recovery 🙂

    Level 66 is great too. Tell him he’ll love his flying mount when he gets to 70 (I got mine a few weeks ago and it’s just brilliant!). Oh and has he fallen off the lift at Shattrath yet?

    Don’t know what server he plays on but if it’s Caelestrasz (or however it’s spelled) let me know 🙂

  26. So great to hear you son is doing so well after such a big operation. Hope going back to school goes well!

  27. Yeow. Sneezing six times in a row after chest surgery has gotta hurt. No wonder he needed drugs!

    Good to see him recovering so well.

  28. And to think how worried you were—-he’s weathered it like a champ. Did he get a lot of jokes? Did he get ours?
    I wish I was a rotary student in France!

  29. h&b

    I’m very impressed !!

    And sympathetic on the sneezing. We came home to all catch massive colds, and popping a stitch was high on my agenda of things to fear…


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