Dam Water

This month we have had so much rain. The ground smells like tadpoles from all the water sitting on the surface. According to my Pete the dam levels are 120%. (This is possible – every sportsperson in the world gives 110%, so why can’t the dam give that little bit extra.) A dam at 120% in Townsville is considered a tourist attraction, so, last weekend, off we went to have a look.


Don’t be fooled into thinking this was a misty and cool place to be, despite this photo. In reality it is 32 degrees and 96% humidity. If the mist didn’t saturate you, your sweat did.


My Pete, Pip and Melodie (our French exchange student) made their way down to have a closer look at the torrent coming over the dam wall. My Pete is holding the black and yellow umbrella with Pip in front and Melodie behind. The photo shows about one tenth of the people who were there to see the water.

I stayed at the top of the stairs. I didn’t go down to see the water at close quarters. I didn’t want my shoes to get any more squelchy than they were already. I’m pretty sure I know what water looks like any way.


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12 responses to “Dam Water

  1. I’m trying to imagine what a tadpole smells like!

    A colleague of mine at work has friends in Townsville – it’s a small world – I can’t really remember how the subject came up, but it was a lightbulb moment for me!

  2. Yikes! 96% humidity at 32 degrees C?! And people live there?! (I can’t help reversing the roles considering my region’s recent cold snap!) Wow. I think our high today is -6 degrees C (which is balmy in comparison to what we’ve experienced lately ~ some nutty people here might be wearing shorts today!). Keep dry!

  3. We are having heavy winter rain. So much so that it has brought our septic system to a crashing halt. We’re having to go next door to bathe. These are the days I’m so very glad that my in-laws live next door. I have a 100 meter trench in my front yard right now. I’m sick of water.

    And weren’t they worried the dam might break! I’m getting the heebies just watching them so close to that angry looking water!!

  4. soozadoo

    we’re not the kind of people who go places, look at stuff, do things, but the love is there….

    ps tadpoles smell gross, mouldy and damp.

  5. Back again. I’ll add a link to you it will be easier. 🙂
    Our dams are now at a whopping 38% which is the best for umpteen years here in the GSE. I will be happy if it keeps raining 🙂

  6. It’s pretty amazing how much rain you guys have had. We’ve had a lot too, but not like Townsie. I think Cairns Water supply is 110% (!!) full so you guys do beat us with 120% (!!) I like watching water (obvious from my last post) but when it comes to getting up close and personal I’ll give it a miss.

  7. I’m with you. I’m pretty confident I know what water looks like too.

    The heat? The humidity? The two reasons J left Brisvegas.

  8. We want your rain in Victoria. Well, okay, maybe not with flooding, cyclones and 96% hunidity. But a full dam would be a very good thing.

    They are fantastic shots of the water.

  9. Stop hogging all that rain and send some down South, you lot!

    can we have a Pip update? How’s he doing?

  10. I would afraid to go so close!

    Do tell us how Pip is…

  11. Wow, I can almost hear the roar of the water in that second photo!

  12. h&b

    So you have an exchange student too ??

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