Got a Bit Downer

When Pippy was little he was a very active boy. He was always busy and, generally, that meant talking. Somedays, though, he would be quiet.

I would ask, “What’s the matter, mate.”

He would reply, “I just got a bit downer.”


It was a word of his own invention. It doesn’t mean sad, or tired, or sick. It means that sort of feeling where you can’t be bothered. You know, you notice that the milk has almost run out and the shops are still open for another 30 minutes. Usually you would pop down to the shop and get more. Somedays though, you just get a bit downer, so you leave it. They are the sort of days that you would rather sit and contemplate than actually do stuff. Days when you break your routine for just quiet time.

This week I just got a bit downer. I haven’t looked at my blog, or any of those on my blogroll. The weather has been dark and grey and cloudy for the entire week. I don’t mind the rain, but I hate it when there is no blue sky or sunshine for days on end. It has been one month since Ashleigh left. She has been out of contact while she snowboarded at the French Alps. Aside from a few text messages I haven’t had the chance to chat with her. It has been one month since Philip’s surgery. He is getting bored without company or structured activity.

My Pete is a good man. He will pick up my slack forever and a day without a single complaint. He very rarely gets a bit downer. He’s shopping for a new car, visiting the dam to see the water run over, fixing the mower and organising Philip. My Pete will always pop to the shop if he notices that the milk has almost run out.

When Pippy was little he never stayed a bit downer. He always knew what to do to feel better.


So do I…



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20 responses to “Got a Bit Downer

  1. I hope your bit of a downer is turning to more of an upper – without drugs of course!! I am sure your therapy is going to be gorgeous!!!

  2. soozadoo

    Look at her face, it’s her ‘piss orf’ face.
    Just look at that face and hear her say, ‘suck it up, it makes you stronger.’

  3. Wrap yourself in creating! I’m a doer, a fixer. I don’t deal well with things I can’t control. Of course, I’m old enough to know that I CAN’T fix everything or in some way control it all…. but I still don’t like it. Wishing you lots of sun and lots of uppers, even if they are pharmaceutical. Just keep Soozadoo out of them.

  4. I’ve got a man who picks up my slack too, and I know this is a treasure beyond price.

    Poor Tracey. Hope the sewing sorts you out.

  5. h&b

    Is that a tulip you’re sewing ? It’s gorgeous.

    As are the photos .. and the size of your children’s footwear in comparison to their little bodies .. 🙂

    As for being a bit downer, I too rely on the ever-doing-ne’er-complaining-getting-the-milk husband too. Aren’t they great ? I never get told to pull my socks up or get over myself, I just get looked after when i’m a bit downer.

    You picked him well. And he, you.


  6. twolimeleaves

    Oh, good, that means we’re on for tomorrow night, doesn’t it?
    I’ve been in the same state, myself. Do you think it’s the rain?

  7. Cute retro photos!

    Glad to hear that you have immersed yourself in quilting. I was worried about worse so am feeling relieved now. Pierce and quilt away! Looking forward to seeing the project in a less micro-view!

  8. The weather stinks, your daughter is away, and you’ve just been through a serious time with your son.

    Sometimes a person just needs a break.

    Take one. You deserve it. The blogs and half-empty milk jugs can wait.

  9. The thing about friends is that they are still there when you’ve finally got the milk and want a cup of tea and a chat.

  10. M

    Love the concept of “a bit downer”. I’m often in that space. Can’t be bothered with the enormous ironing pile that is looking at me right now; know there is no coffee left but just tell all visitors that they’re getting tea or instant; or see the heavens open but leave all the washing on the line and let it dry out tomorrow.

    Or am I just lazy? Yep, that’s more like it.

  11. It’s probably your body and mind recovering for the harrowing month you’ve had. You are entitled to feel a bit downer.

    But I am glad to see you back.

  12. Oh my dear. Just take very good care of yourself. I am so glad you have your Pete.

    Those photos of the kids are sublime and that last one of Pip made my heart lurch.

  13. You’ll come out of it…soon I hope.
    My K is just like your Pete!

  14. After all you have been through you deserve a little time of internal focus. Enjoy your sewing therapy!

  15. It is the weather. And the ‘big’ month you’ve just had. Very unusal for someone to have their only daughter disappear over to the other side of the world and their only son to have a major operation.

    I too hate this weather. It’s not the heat and the rain that get to you (and boy, you’ve had a lot of rain lately) it is because we don’t see those beautiful clear, cloudless big blue skies. It’s always grey. Makes me feel a little grey too.

  16. There, there, poor you. A daughter away is a very downerish thing. Have a cup of tea and read a nice book.

  17. I love Pip’s concept of a “bit downer”, and glad to see you’re sewing your way to a “a bit upper”. I’m just sitting somewhere around “a bit middler” at the moment!

  18. I hope by this time you are a bit upper. I am not at all surprised you feel like that. You have had a really stressful time. Creating will help for sure. I’m glad your lovely boy is doing okay and I think it is a good sign that big daughter has hardly had time to contact you. You should be glad she isn’t homesick, and that she is enjoying all that is on offer.

    Time to pamper your self ! Don’t forget to tell that rock of a husband that he is just the best.
    Hugs from NZ.

  19. Hope you’re feeling more “upper” already….You could always rename her Assleigh!

  20. ashyinfrance

    I remember that day Sussie. Hooray some train came into Townsville and it was so exciting and I wasn’t allowed to take my book cause we were having fun damn it.

    Get up lazy. Go out there already.

    Dad complains quietly. Just don’t put your slack on his bench.

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