The decluttering has continued at our place.

Since cleaning the pantry I have shifted my attention our wardrobes. In a bizarre chain reaction it would appear that the reason that the ironing is not being done is that there is no space to put the clothes after they have been ironed. Time to cull. Clothes, shoes… all gone. A huge amount of space has been created. There are empty clothes hangers by the hundred.

These are mine…


all hand-made for me by grandma.

These are my Pete’s…


purchased down at the local supermarket by me.

It would appear that a strict class system exists within our wardrobe. I am plush, opulent and embellished. My Pete is practical and cheap!

No wonder he is getting desperate in his efforts to find new hiding places.


Found ya!


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24 responses to “Decluttering

  1. Oh send some of those decluttering vibes this way please!

    Why do good hangers disappear while those cheapy wire ones multiple like rabbits?

    My great-grandmother crocheted hundreds of hanger covers. I look at them and think: Dear Lord, she must have been bored out of her gourd.

  2. M

    I’m wondering whether I should bother de-cluttering anymore. Whenever I do so stuff seems to accumulate in the new de-cluttered spaces within a week. Not put there by me, you understand but by the evil house-elves that live here with me.

    However, if you are on a roll there is a house here in Sydney which could do with some help.

  3. I am hoping that Petey is in the attic and did not have to resort to creating a barrow to put his stuff due to being overrun by your stuff. I have heard about experienced quilters and their passionate need to collect oodles of fabric stashes.

    Glad to hear that you are keeping into mischief!

  4. h&b

    But YOU made him practical and cheap .. YOU chose those hangers, thus selecting his station for him in the wardrobe hierarchy.

    How do you feel about that now, despot ?


  5. Pretty damn fine actually. I better not catch him using the pretty hangers!

  6. Cheap, practical …AND rainbow-coloured!! Which makes all the difference.

  7. twolimeleaves

    Those look like Skeered Feet to me! What have you been doing to him??

  8. twolimeleaves

    No, I’ve just figured it out! He’s got spyholes cut in the ceiling and he’s watching you in the shower. Kinky devil.

  9. He’s trying to find the leak in the roof which is dripping onto the ceiling. It must have been 50 degrees up there. He came down drenched in sweat and red-faced. Pip and I shouted,”Ewww” and made him have a shower.

  10. Cool photo! It is always so much fun to clean……NOT. I gave up using wirt hangers many years ago and only use plastic ones now.

  11. You and your hangers are an inspiration to me!

  12. Oh you do make me laugh PP

  13. Ooo such *pretty* hangers. I have ones like that too. Made by MY Nanna (not yours!)

    I love a good de-clutter. In fact, I am thinking of having a garage sale before we head off on holidays, bit of extra cash and all that. I am sick of giving bags (& bags) of stuff to the Op Shop. I think my local Op Shop (across the road believe it or not) is full of all my stuff.

  14. Now if you were really on a decluttering mission you would have gotten rid of the hangers too!!! But I am guessing you want to keep them for the new clothes!!

  15. I have been thinking about doing just what you have done.
    I really hate to admit there are garments I still like, but will never fit into again.
    I will take them down to Father Riley’s shop.

  16. I also have a gazillion of those lacy hangers, all made by my mum. I like them because things don’t slip off them.

    Eewww to the wire hangers though!

    MDH uses plastic white ones. His choice. But slowly, slowly, they are breaking, and I have SO MANY knitted ones, his work shirts are finding themselves languishing on a pretty pink lace hanger from time to time.

  17. riseoutofme

    I suspect your Pete is hiding out in a desperate attempt to avoid being decluttered … I’m right aren’t I??

  18. That is a pretty drastic way to cut down on the ironing. I’m liking it…I may take the Tracey approach to non-ironing myself this weekend.

  19. ashyinfrance

    Don’t you try to organise my room next, apparently Grandma has already done that and put everything under the bed. Don’t you dare cull clothes from mine. I know what I have and I’ll know if anything is gone.

    Tell dad once again, if he’s desperate the computers need to be backed up cause I didn’t do it before I left. I forgot.

    I was actually sitting here thinking ‘Why is it hot inside the roof? It’s freezing here’ then I remembered yes it’s freezing here. Cause you’re in Australia where it is hot. I must be tired.

  20. Please come to my house when you’re finished. I’ll pamper you and wait on you hand and foot…..

  21. You must have had a lot of clothes! If I had as many empty hangers as that, I’d have nothing to wear at all. Which would not be a good idea.

  22. Big Grandma

    Ashy, I threw out only 2 old receipts – honestly, no clothes. Yours was the tidiest teenager’s room that I have been in. I only emptied two drawers so that Melodie had room for her things, and put the contents of those drawers in an under the bed plastic box. I promise to put it all back before you return. I did put several hundred bobby pins and hair bands in a container for you; they were the previous occupants of “under the bed”, pushed against the wall by the vacuum cleaner.

  23. ashyinfrance

    I was looking for those bobby pins. Yes! Tell dad how clean my room was.

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