Catch Him if You Can

Today is my nephew’s second birthday. He is an action man! He moves at superspeed. He runs, dances, leaps, climbs and tumbles. I tried to get a photo of him at his party, but









Well, not until we sang the birthday song, then he was very serious.


Ashleigh has put his favourite song on her blog for him today. We played it five times for him this afternoon. He tried out a few break dancing moves while singing at the top of his voice.

Happy Birthday Joseph.


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13 responses to “Catch Him if You Can

  1. Happy birthday Joseph. Although I can only get glimpses of him I can tell he is really cute.

  2. Love that hair! He pulls it off better than most men. Happy Birthday little Joseph. Hope you continue to keep these people wrapped around your little finger for a long, long time.

  3. Happy Birthday, Joseph! He’s an engaging-looking young man.

  4. twolimeleaves

    Happy Birthday to one of the Cutest and Busiest Boys I have ever known!

  5. Happy birthday Joseph you little cutey!

  6. Wow! He moves a little faster than N but not much! Thank goodness she’s slowing for the camera now too ~ maybe Joseph will too?! The little break-dance moves sound cute. Anyone got them on video?!

  7. He looks as delicious as the cake!

  8. We love Josephs! He looks like a particularly magnicent example of a Joseph!

  9. Magnificent. Magnicent sounds kind of bug like. Which is not at all what I meant.

  10. Maybe it is the name of a blue ladybug?

  11. They move so quickly. And then they become teenagers and try not to move at all!

  12. Check out that solemn little face looking at his lovely cake. I wonder if he was planning to eat it all!

  13. Happy birthday Joseph! I got exhausted just looking at the pictures!

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