Almost Home

We are home from hsopital now. Thank goodness for that. Hospitals are noisy, busy places. I do not believe that any one ever goes there for rest and recovery!!

Philip is doing well. We left the hospital with a bucket full of medications (I am not even close to joking…). My Pete and I have to keep a list of what we give him and when so that we don’t confuse ourselves. They are all working together to provide him with pain relief. He is still tired, but that is to be expected. He lost two kilograms in hospital. He is as skinny as a stick. I gained four kilos to make up for it by eating from the chip and chocolate machine just beside his room.

We are looking forward to the plane trip home in a couple of days. Me, because I want to be in my own house. My Pete, because he wants to potter about and do stuff – rather than sit in one place. Pip, because he desperately wants to set off the metal detectors and tell security that he has a metal bar through his chest wall.

He shouldn’t gloat though… aeroport security might not take kindly to that!


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20 responses to “Almost Home

  1. Oh, everyone sounds so much better! Philip will be the talk of the airport security! I hope he milks the situation as much as he can! He deserves it!

  2. What a relief. Wishing the comfort of home soon.
    Best wishes

  3. I’m so glad to hear everything has gone so well, and that soon you will be back home.

    I know I haven’t been reading/blogging much, but you and Pip have been and continue to be in my thoughts.

  4. Feel like a trip to the Blue Mountains?

    Really glad that Pip continues to improve and am actually looking forward to hearing about how he gets through airport security!

  5. twolimeleaves

    A bucket-full, huh? Will he share?

  6. Great news!! Glad all is well.

  7. Sheesh, blokes!

    You know how they barrel chest everyone? Women hug. When they are not friends, and want to fight, they pull hair and scratch eyes.

    Blokes bump chests. “Who you talking to, you wanna go? Huh? You wanna go mate?.”

    Philip has a built in answer without even needing to lift his arms.

    “Yeah. I wanna go. Want some cracked ribs with your broken nose….mate?”

    Tell that security guy at the airport not to give him any stick.

  8. So glad everything went well. Looking forward to catching up when you’re all back north.

  9. Just a little longer…I’m glad things are going well.

  10. oh dear God! Tell him not to mess with security. It could end up with a full cavity search. And we all know they’re not looking at your dental work when they do that!!

  11. ashyinfrance

    Where did he lose those two kilos from? Though my fifteen kilos I’m supposed to put on are starting to go negative also :s

    Do it Pip. I want you to do the ‘uh huh’ face as the security guys glare at you. I also dub you tin man.

    Don’t think dad was the one who made the list mother. Did you also make a list of the lists you made and a checklist for the lists? Do they have a planned space on the fridge?

    Hope you have some jobs to do daddy. If you want you could back up the computers. Love you daddy.

  12. Such great news!
    It all seems to be going so well.
    I am sure once you get home, & resume normal diets, & have the comfort of the familiar, you will all feel mountians better!

  13. *phew* Betcha glad that’s all over.

  14. Have a good trip home today.

    Just remember, the journey is worth the destination!

  15. Shayne

    Good luck Pip. Have a great trip home. I am looking forward to hearing about the airport security.


  16. Wonderful news! Being out of there must feel great.

  17. So glad to read that all is going well. I’ve been thinking of you.

    And like many others…can’t wait to hear how airport security goes.

  18. Great to hear you are almost home. So despite being a stick insect and a metal-detector setter-offer, is he actually feeling any pain? Or is the medication doing the job?

  19. I am sure it will be very nice to be home. Hope you’re not flying Jetstar…:-/

  20. A-maze-ing!

    Don’t worry about all those catch-ups that are on your list. Just fawn all over that young man, that’s thanks enough!

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