Back on his feet

Today all tubes and medical equipment (including the machine that goes ping) were removed from my son. Getting rid of the epidural has allowed his blood pressure to stablise and he is no longer turning pale whenever he moves. I feel much better about this. The physiotherapist has him up and walking, he is doing laps of the ward with the other old men in cardio-vascular.

He is able to stand himself up, sit himself down and walk without any problem at all. He is still having difficulty getting from laying down to sitting up, but that will come. He is not eating terribly much, but has sent me on a quest to find him some chocolate milk, the sustenance of every thirteen year old boy!

Today he had some more x-rays taken. The doctor also wrote a letter:

To whom it may concern,

Philip Petersen has a metal bar in his chest wall. This may set off metal detectors.

We have to take it with us when we go through security at the aeroport.

Pip read it and added, in a dodgy accent, “As a result of an unfortunate schmelting accident…” (Austen Powers reference.)

He’s being a smart-arse again. He’s on the mend.

I slept much better last night and am feeling far more sane too. The end is in sight. Thanks for all of your support. I’m sorry that I haven’t had the time to respond to all of you. You are all treasures!


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16 responses to “Back on his feet

  1. Up and walking – check
    Craving chocolate milk – check
    Sense of humor intact – check

    I think you’re right! Your young man is definitely on the mend. It’s good to hear.

  2. soozadoo

    Schmelting accident? Surely you can’t be serious…
    (pause for response)

    Benderlike he could also say ‘kiss my shiny metal chest’

    We were following a sulphuric acid truck on the way to the Burdekin Dam today and we were supposing what kind of superhero powers we would get should we have a tragic accident. Metal Chest Pip is only one step ahead of us.

  3. Dy

    Really good to read that he is on the mend. It’s been quite a journey by the sounds of it!

  4. Is he racing the old men round the ward yet?

  5. He’ll be setting off metal detectors left, right and center. Glad to read things are surely looking up. Yippee!!! 🙂

  6. I’m cheering over here too! Such good news! Soon he’ll be racing laps around those older cardiovascular patients!

    I am particularly pleased with the chocolate milk (~ hey, calcium is calcium!) and the Austin Powers references. (Austin is played by Mike Meyers, a fellow Canadian, not that I’ve ever met Mike). There is no logical reason for being pleased with these 2 references, I just am! Have a good weekend!

  7. good news! His sense of humor is back! Glad you are finally getting some rest for yourself.

  8. Doing a little Rah, Rah cheer for Pip! I wonder if he has some good fart jokes after racing the old men around the ward? Or maybe those were just bad fart experiences?

  9. Yay! I have been very carefully following his progress this week! I’m so glad that he’s up and moving around.

    What is it about that going from laying down to sitting up that is so terribly difficult after every surgery??? After my surgery, it took me ages to get it okay and I didn’t have the same kind as he did! The nurse who taught me to roll over onto side and then sit up from there was a Godsend! I wonder if something like that would work?

    I’m so very happy to see all his progress! Awesome!

  10. WOOOHOOO! Yay for Pip and YAY for the Peppermint Patcher family!

  11. A corner turned!

    I hope he enjoys the chocolate milk and that you take a deep breath.

  12. ashyinfrance

    Pip, you’re supposed to take advantage of the situation. She’s onto you now silly.

  13. It must be hard for a 13 yr old to be in a ward with old men. I am sure he will brighten them up no end. If he is winning in the laps, he could be ‘wind assisted’?

    Such good news!

  14. Respect to Philip ‘Metal-Man’ Petersen!

    I didn’t know that SuperHeroes drank chocolate milk but I hope that you are drinking it too, Tracey, to keep your strength up. It is tough being SuperMum.

  15. Phew.

    Just – phew.

    And love to you all including AshyinFrance…

    Just back – will catch up properly …

  16. I think a sense of humour makes the world go ’round. Glad his is intact and that he’s on the mend!

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