Still going….

Yesterday Philip was able to move from intensive care to the ward. This was earlier than expected, but he was doing so very well. The scenario, as always, is baby steps and last night he had a fever and so took a small step back. Nothing of great concern, but we were so thrilled with his recovery so far that we had lulled ourselves into thinking that it would be a breeze.

I am amazed at his fortitude. I had thought that he would be a sooky, whingy patient, but he is being incredibly resilient. He is so much like me. He is asking a million questions. He spoke to us very knowledgably about his progress and care yesterday. Some Pippy quotes:

“Each night I receive an injection to prevent blood clots. It is easy for a blood clot to form when you are laying still. It is much better to prevent them than to have to cure them.”

“My blood pressure dropped last night. It made me quite woozy and pale.”

“My lung capacity is quite good for someone who has just had chest surgery. I just need to work on expanding it over the next few days.”

“I am numb from here to here (on his chest). That is the best place for an injection.”

“The anti-biotics are injected directly into the IV. You can feel them going in, that’s OK though. It means that they are working.”

Every one of these statements is a question that he has asked. The staff has been so patient in responding to everything. He is using medical jargon like a pro.


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13 responses to “Still going….

  1. twolimeleaves

    Can you ask him (on my behalf) if he would like a run-down of the Colonic Rinse Procedure before or during the process?

  2. Good news on Philip! I hope you got my “joke” today ~ it was the best I could find considering the f–t criteria! You are in our thoughts!

  3. I hope you are saving up for medical school…. I see Doctor in his future! Do these drugs suppress his testosterone? I’ve never heard of a male being a good patient before. I’m not either though. People in glass houses and all that I guess. I’ll shut up now. Glad Pip is on the mend. Does it hurt to laugh?

  4. What a great guy!

    He deserves nothing but good things to happen to him from now on.

  5. He is so right. Falling blood pressure DOES make you feel woozy and pale.

    Good on him for finding all about it, some kids might panic and not want to know but he is obviously dealing with it from a knowledge is power perspective which is very mature of him.

  6. Doctor in the making!!

    So glad he is doing so well and coping so incredibly well.

  7. Jennifer C

    That really is a amazing. Tracey you have raised a great man. What man wouldn’t be milking this for all it was worth and whining constantly and begging for additional drugs and additional tecnical equipment (i.e. DVD’s and XBOX 360’s) to help dull the pain?? So glad to hear all is going well.

  8. So glad to hear Phillip is going so well. That’s terrific news…

  9. All i can say is thank God we live in Australia and we have access to medical care like this. What a marvelous operation and good news that he is coming good.

    I have been thinking about you guys constantly and so glad that Pip is doing well. I really do think you have a medical professional in the making there.

    Love to you all


  10. what a releif to have the surgery sorted successfuly!! best wishes to pip and you and pete!!

  11. So glad he is progressing so well. I think in a way knowledge is power, so he is partaking in his recovery in a very positive mature way.
    You will be feeling so much better about it all, I hope.

  12. twolimeleaves

    Just letting you know all will be quiet from us for a few days – off to Cairns. Keep the raspberry jelly and icecream and narcotics up to the boy.

  13. Give that boy lots of sugary treats!

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