Quick Update

The surgery is over and went really well. The doctor is delighted with the results and his chest looks amazing – completely different (like a real boy’s). We had to buy a mirror so Philip could see his new body.

He is feeling no pain at all.  (Incredibly, seeing he just had eight ribs effectively broken!) The epidural is doing its work. He has just drifted in and out of sleep today as his body recovers.  He is in intensive care and will remain there for the next few days. This is a good thing. He is getting lots of attention. We saw the post-surgery x-ray and were astounded. One doctor listened to his chest and said that he could hear no evidence of a heart murmur. This information alone gives us enormous peace of mind and confirms to us that we made the correct decision.

I am grateful for all of the messages of support, even though I have not managed to find the time to respond to all of you. Melinda, he loved the pinata joke (it doesn’t hurt to laugh when you are so full of drugs!). Kirsty he was delighted by mag-neat-o in his spotty pyjamas. (you are a clever girl, although he thought that perhaps Ali had done the brilliant illustrations)

Ashleigh made it safely to Paris. It took 37 hours. When she spoke to us she sounded small and exhausted. Her body clock will be way out of synch and no doubt take a few weeks to sort itself out. She better hurry up though, because we want to see a photo of the house where she is staying. As we all know…it’s all about what we want!


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22 responses to “Quick Update

  1. So glad to hear all went well – with Philip’s surgery and Ashleigh’s trip. Here’s to a good recovery for both of them. Thinking of you all, T. x

  2. twolimeleaves

    Such good news. You aren’t leaving my thoughts for more than a minute at a time.

  3. Good to hear all is going well!

  4. Nic

    Glad he’s come through the surgery so well – sending all sorts of good thoughts for the weeks to come.

  5. I’m so glad that your news is good news. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.

  6. I’m so glad his chest looks like a real boy’s, (echoes of Pinocchio there) and that Ashy made it to Paris. What about Pete and Tracey? I hope relief brings sleep and peace.

  7. h&b

    Mmm – epidurals, love of my life !

    A Real Boy huh ?
    As opposed to the wooden puppet you’ve been living with until now ?

    Yay Ashleigh, she must be exhausted !

    And yay you – you sound on the up&up ( see, it wasn’t all that bad after all now, was it ? 😛 )

  8. I have seriously been thinking of you all day today Tracey. I am soooo glad all seems to have gone well with the op and with Ashleigh speaking to you on the phone. At least today is over and done with. Well done!

  9. WONDERFUL news! Keeping you all in my thoughts,

  10. So glad to hear that everything went well! You must be so relieved. I hope you can get some rest now.

  11. riseotofme

    Happy that everything went well!

  12. I hope you’ve managed to wheedle your way into the drug supply and snagged a few goodies for yourself! I’m glad he liked that joke. Apparently most fart jokes need to be live to be very funny. I have the Adam Sandler bit. But it really is an auditory joke. Sending more soon!

  13. This is excellent news; I’m so happy for you that both of your children are safe.

  14. So good to hear that all that worry has been replaced by relief. It is much easier to be a Mum when you can see the end in sight.

    Still thinking of you – make sure that you make time to eat and sleep because you will need to be strong when he comes home! All that hand and foot waiting is very exhausting.

  15. FANTASTIC news!! Glad things have gone so well for everyone. Your son is even more amazing – 8 broken ribs and smiling while wearing gorgeous spotty jammies! How’s the hospital food? Should we be sending you all care packages?

  16. Delighted to hear everything went so well!

  17. I feel so relieved to read your post! What great news for your family!

    Plus, I’ve located a fart joke for Philip ~ it is mentioned 3 times in one joke so that’ll have him in stitches

  18. Crabshack Dweller

    Hi Tracey, so pleased to hear that the surgery was a success. I hope that Philip has a speedy recovery. I don’t know any fart jokes, and the only one I can ever remember is very rude, it involves dildos and a farm. Not one to tell him until he is a bit older perhaps. All the best from our family, Mel

  19. Tracey, I am so, so glad that everything went so well with the surgery! And that your daughter is safely in France. Keeping you all in my prayers for a great recovery.

  20. Good, good, good! Sounds like the Doctor did well, the pateint did too; so did the parents! May his recovery go smoothly and his new real boy shape be all he hoped for! I hope good health follows, for him and that you are able to relax just a wee bit now.
    Best Wishes to you all, Ali.

  21. So glad to hear all is well with Phillip. Such a relief for all of you.
    And so glad that Ashleigh has arrived safely. It is a huge world out there.
    Thinking of you. Hugs xx

  22. This is all great news! I cannot think of a joke fitting for a teenage boy. So I think I will send him a boring old fart (there’s that word!) email with warm wishes and big hugs.

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