At five o’clock tomorrow morning we all walk out our front door. The next time we are here in our family home together transformations will have occurred in both of my children. This is a positive thing. After a crappy few weeks there will only be growth. I marvel at the optimism of the human race, because quite frankly this week has been truly sucky for a number of reason. Yet we are still talking, joking and laughing. (by the rule of threes, you know three bad things happen in a row, we are now about to start on a good cycle)

SO… communication, keeping in touch. Ashleigh has started a blog. There is nothing on it yet, but she will post photos of stuff in France. Photos to make me jealous and proud. She thinks that she won’t have to ring me quite so much if she blogs, but HA, like that’s going to be OK! I’ve already bought a phone card that lets me ring her mobile in France from my home phone for just 2.5cents per minute. I have thirteen hours of talk time in my hot little hand right now! That should last at least a fortnight…

There is a story behind the name of her blog. I bought a learn to speak French CD and ‘le guide est tres gentil’ is one of the phrases. It means that the guide is very nice. I tried to impress a French exchange student with the phrase, telling her that I would use it when I went to France. She looked at me with a deadpan face and said, “Yeah… I don’t think you’re going to need that.” CUT DOWN, by a seventeen year old exchange student!

The hospital has an email a patient page. If you would like to send a message to Philip after between Tuesday and Sunday I’m certain that he will appreciate it. If it involves fart humour all the better, although I’m not yet sure if it will hurt to laugh. (why does every surgery make it hurt to laugh when laughter is the best medicine?)

Apart from that I may blog sporadically over the next couple of weeks. I thank all of you for your generosity, kindness and gentle good humour. You are an amazing bunch of bloggers, so I’ll leave a song for you.

Just purse your lips and whistle that’s the thing….


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18 responses to “Communication

  1. You might need to know that our last name is Petersen in order to send an email.

  2. twolimeleaves

    Eh? What? Peter Petersen?? *snort*

    sorry, Pete, couldn’t resist 🙂
    Love to you all xxxxx

  3. Change is a good thing…. you will all come through the other side of this.

    Good luck to both of your kids (and you of course) during the next few weeks

    How naughty is that Kirsty???

  4. WOw! Big day tomorrow, big day(s) next week. I’ll be thinking of you all. Best wishes for Ashleigh for her year in France (yay!!!) and best wishes for Phillip next week. Chins up and all that.

    I’ll be thinking of you all this week Tracey. ((HUGS))

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  6. Bon courage to all concerned!

  7. Tracey, good luck! Farewell to Ashleigh, travel safe and have a great time!

    Big hugs to Philip. All the best for his surgery.

    Let me know where you are staying!

  8. I’ve already favorited Ashleigh’s blog as I am interested in reading of her experiences in France! I noticed that there was a comment for her already ~ how come I have to work so hard to get a comment on my blog (ie: photo, some info of some sort) and all she had was a standard welcome from the company. La vie n’est pas juste! Check that out in your dictionary ~ it’ll come in handy!

    As for your son, I’ll think of a farting joke but that will be challenging considering we have limited male influence in the house as my dh isn’t a great source for this humour. (The thought dawn on me that I could raise it in my university class ~ anyone got a good joke about farting ~ but quickly nixed that idea!) The conundrum continues…

    Bonne voyage et bonne chance!

  9. So we all get a virtual year in France out of Ashy’s exchange program? YAY!

    Hugs to you and yours!! What an absolute overload of transition…. all at one time! I’ve got some GREAT fart jokes lined up for Pip! A benefit to having boys in the house. Or is that more like a non-benefit?

  10. Hugs to all.

    I wish everyone well for the next few days.

  11. Good Luck to all of you! Can’t think of any f–t jokes right now, but will consult my live-in expert…….

  12. I’ll be thinking of you all!

  13. h&b

    ooh – will fave the blog right away – i’m sure it will be a fantastic read throughout the year – I wish they had blogs ( or even the inter-ma-net ) when I went !!

    Will also work hard to think of a smelly joke .. although I am the WORST joke teller alive. My fave joke is “What is brown and sticky” ( A: a stick ). oh yeah. Cutting humour here.

    Are you going to make the trip over during the exchange ? Rotary used to discourage that as they felt it was too disruptive to the student, but parents used to do it anyway. My parents didn’t ( but they were dirt poor anyway :p )

    Best wishes for all the upcoming turmoil. I have a feeling you’re on the upturn too. Onwards and Upwards darling !


  14. Bon voyage to Ashleigh. Speedy recovery to Philip. And wishing you all the best for the next few weeks.

    Thinking up fart jokes as I type…

  15. Love Thoughts and Hugs to you ALL!!!

  16. will be thinking of you and yours a LOT, especially this week – all the best and lots of love from Caity

  17. I’ve always enjoyed the warp humour of Monty Python & Life of Brian has been my favorite. Every so often, you’ll hear me sing this same song you’ve posted. Thanks for the reminder!

  18. Amen.
    Good to hear from you!

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